Proceedings Magazine - November 1935 Vol. 61/11/393


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  • Special Circumstances
    By Lieutenant Raymond F. Farwell, U. S. Naval Reserve
  • A New Track To The Orient
    By Lieutenant Commander A. O. Lustie, U. S. Naval Reserve
  • An Empirical Method Of Tidal Prediction
    By James H. S. Billmyer
  • The Selection Business
    By Lieutenant Winston Folk, U. S. Navy
  • Our Brief Clash With Korea
    By Lieutenant Commander Glenn Howell, U. S. Navy (Retired)
  • On Administration
    By Commander A. G. Zimermann, U. S. Navy
  • "It's a Small World"
    By Rear Admiral W. S. Crosley, U. S. Navy
  • Wreck of the Royal Savage Recovered
    By Robert G. Skerrett
  • Officers on Ships Of American Registry
    By Commander Philip Seymour, U. S. Navy
  • Offshore Position
    By Sanford L. Cluett
  • The Prevention Of Caisson Disease
    By Lieutenant Raymond A. Hansen, U. S. Navy
  • Training Divers
    By Lieutenant W. A. Gorry, U. S. Navy
  • Discussions
  • Notes On International Affairs
  • Book Reviews
  • Professional Notes
  • Advertisements
  • Photographs


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