Keeping the United States Neutral

By Rear Admiral W. W. Phelps, U. S. N.avy (Retired)
October 1934
In recent months a number of articles have appeared in American periodicals on the subject of a new neutral policy for the United States. Most of these articles are in ...

The Freedom of the Seas

By Captain G. J. Meyers, U. S. Navy
October 1934
From an examination of many authors on the subject, we can find agreement upon one thing that "freedom of the seas" does not mean and two things it does mean. ...

America in the International Carrying Trade

By Alfred H. Haag, Director, Department of International Shipping, School of Foreign Service, Georgetown University
October 1934
World shipping, admittedly, is in a deplorable state. Vessel tonnage is far in excess of world trade requirements. Is the United States to blame for this condition? Do American ships ...

Choose Peace or War

By Lieutenant William N. Thornton, U. S. Navy
October 1934
*This article was submitted in the Prize-Essay Contest, 1934. We may choose peace or war. The choice lies with us—with you and with the man in the street, who, it ...

The Promotion of Good Will for the Navy

By Lieutenant George W. Akers, U. S. Naval Reserve
October 1934
There is an old advertising slogan that says, ‘‘to the man who has never heard of you, you do not exist.” Certainly there can’t be many citizens of this country ...

The Capture of the U-58

By Lieutenant Commander R. B. Carney, U. S. Navy
October 1934
Ersatz-Fanning does not as yet appear on the list of ships building. That fact may have no bearing on the security of the nation, and possibly is of little interest ...

The United States and Russia in World Equilibrium

By Lieutenant Commander S. F. Bryant, U. S. Navy (Retired)
October 1934
Editor’s Note .—This article was submitted in the Prize-Essay Contest, 1934. …the world's peace may come to depend upon a Russo-American rapprochement .—London Economist, October 28, 1933 About twelve years ...

Japan's Drive for World Trade

By Captain Dudley W. Knox, U. S. Navy (Retired)
October 1934
Japan’s trade war with Great Britain certainly lessens the chance of that supposedly inevitable American-Japanese war, about which we have heard so much talk during the past decade. This is ...


October 1934
Promotion by Selection (See page 769, June, 1934, Proceedings) Rear Admiral J. K. Taussig, U. S. Navy.—Having always been an advocate of promotion by selection and having made and published ...

Notes on International Affairs

Prepared by Professor Allan Westcott, U. S. Naval Academy
October 1934
From August 3 to September 3 GERMANY AND CENTRAL EUROPE Death of President Von Hindenburg.—The death of President Paul von Hindenburg, long feared for its removal of the last conservative ...

Book Reviews

October 1934
BOOK DEPARTMENT Members of the Institute may save money by ordering books through its Book Department, which will supply any obtainable book. A discount of 10 per cent is allowed ...

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