Proceedings Magazine - January 1934 Vol. 60/1/371

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Editor’s Note:—This article was submitted in December, 1932, in the Prize Essay Contest, 1933.

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  • Naval Armament Limitation
    By Captain Charles Conard (S.C.), U. S. Navy

    Editor’s Note:—This article was submitted in December, 1932, in the Prize Essay Contest, 1933.

    Experientia docet

  • Working Division
    By Ensign C.E. Perkins, U.S. Navy

    In attempting an article on this subject, I feel the way a certain young officer must have felt when called up by his commanding officer after submitting his navigation notebook. This is indeed "hallowed ground," dedicated to daily...

  • Oceanography and the Navy
    By Commander C. C. Slayton, U. S. Navy

    Oceanography, the geography of the ocean, is of peculiar interest to the Navy, for it was our own Matthew Fontaine Maury who gave that branch of science its greatest impetus, during the middle of the last century. His fame is just as great abroad...

  • Even the Birds
    By A Junior Officer's Widow

    The baby had finished his nightly sham battle against tub, water, and his father, and after he had eaten lustily we had tucked him drowsily into bed. Jim had wandered out into his newly planted garden and thither I followed him. The fact that I...

  • Advice to Fellow-Middle-Agers
    By Captain John B. Kaufman (M.C.), U. S. Navy

    This article was written in response to a request from the recent editor of the Proceedings, after he had heard me express myself on the subject of exercise for middle-aged naval officers. In its preparation I am indebted to a number of authors...

  • The Santa Ana or Desert Storm of Southern California
    By Lieutenant Commander W. A. Mason, U. S. Navy

    History.—The mariner who frequents the areas adjacent to the shores of Southern California during the fall and winter months is certain, sooner or later, to experience one or more of the violent and destructive storms known locally as...

  • Anchoring Diagrams
    By Lieutenant Commander O. L. Downes, U. S. Navy

    There is no new thing under the sun

  • Food and the Theory of Probability
    By Edward U. Condon, Associate Professor of Physics, Princeton University

    The United States Navy has found by experience that the proper amount of food to prepare per man for a mess of N men is not a linear function of N. As this is not in accord with what one Might expect at first sight, it was thought worthwhile to...

  • Evaluating a Series of Bearings
    By Commander Ralph C. Parker, U. S. Navy

    When in thick weather and trying to fix our position by two bearings and the run between, it is well to take as many radio bearings as practicable and depend on the evidence of several rather than on that of only two of them.

  • The French Campaign in Morocco
    By Colonel Frank E. Evans, U. S. Marine Corps

    Before snow again sheaths the ranges of the Grand Atlas in the heart of French Morocco a campaign of pacification that began in 1907 will end in the complete pacification of that North African protectorate. Not only will it mark the end of twenty...

  • Discussions

    Food and Theory of Probability

    (See page 75, this issue)

  • Notes on International Affairs
    Prepared by Professor Allan Westcott, U. S. Naval Academy

    From November 3 to December 3


    Recognition of Russia.—After ten days of negotiation final agreement was reached on November 16 for renewal of diplomatic relations between the United...

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    Members of the Institute may save money by ordering books through its Book Department, which will supply any obtainable book. A discount of 10 per cent is allowed on books published by the Institute, and 5...

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