Petty Officers

By Captain G. J. Rowcliff, U. S. Navy
September 1932
PERSONNEL MANAGEMENT is no new subject to the Navy. Good organization and leadership always have been appreciated highly. Nevertheless, there are some aspects of this science which must be considered ...

Seamen and Ships of the Desert

By Major William Draper, Brinckloe (QM-Res.) U. S. Army
September 1932
TWO FORGOTTEN BITS OF OUR NAVAL HISTORYI. Lieutenant W. F. Lynch sails for the Dead SeaEver since the time of Lot and his unfortunate backward-looking wife, the Dead Sea ...

Notes on the Geneva Conference

By Lieutenant Commander Schuyler Mills, U. S. Navy
September 1932
THE GENEVA conference adjourned rafter approving several resolutions that represent its work for the present. It advocated the prohibition of poison gas and bacteriological warfare, the prohibition of the bombing ...

Book Reviews

September 1932
ON THE DECKS OF “OLD IRONSIDES.” By Rear Admiral Elliot Snow, (C.C.) U. S. Navy (Retired), and Lieutenant Commander H. Allen Gosnell, U. S. Naval Reserve. New York: The Macmillan ...

Notes on International Affairs

Prepared By Professor Allan Westcott, U. S. Naval Academy
September 1932
EUROPEAN AGREEMENTSThe Lausanne Settlement.—The debt agreement finally reached at Lausanne on July 9, though hailed as a triumph of diplomacy, was as it soon turned out, largely negatived by ...


September 1932
An Analysis of the Air Menace(See page 649, May, 1932, Proceedings)Lieutenant C. R. Brown, U. S. Navy. —Some years ago a landsman, conceded within the limitations of his training ...

Growth of Naval Officers

By Captain Forde A. Todd, U. S. Navy
September 1932
Motto: “So slow the growth of what is excellent.”CowperPrologue.—Some officers may resent being compared to the vegetable kingdom. Nevertheless, there is a distinct analogy between the ...

Examinations for Promotion of Junior Officers

By Ensign J. R. Haile, U. S. Navy
September 1932
Certain aspects of the present system of examination for promotion of junior officers leave room for doubt as to the effectiveness of the methods employed. The fundamental idea behind all ...

Keeping Fit at Manzanillo

By Rear Admiral Philip Andrews, U. S. Navy (Retired)
September 1932
In 1913 and 1914, during several years of Mexican revolution, the cruiser Maryland spent much time on the west coast of Mexico. We made long stays at Guaymas, Mazatlan, and ...

In the "Alaskan Navy"

By Lieutenant G. C. Weldin, U. S. Navy
September 1932
It’s the cussedest land that I know,From the big, dizzy mountains that screen itTo the deep, deathlike valleys below.Some say God was tired when He made it; ...

Some Material Aspects of Air Navigation

By Lieutenant Commander L. D. Webb, U. S. Navy
September 1932
Several naval aviators of extensive flying and aerial navigation experience have in a most convincing manner pointed out the multitudinous problems and material difficulties involved in the successful navigation of ...

The Education of Merchant Marine Officers

By Captain J. H. Tomb, U. S. Navy (Retired), Superintendent, New York State Merchant Marine Academy
September 1932
Few will dispute the value of the Naval Academy at Annapolis in providing the elementary professional education of a naval officer and of the postgraduate schools and war college in ...

Are There Any Sailors in the Navy?

By Alfred F. Loomis
September 1932
UNDER THIS IMPUDENT title I do not mean to suggest a shortage of men who can maneuver every type of propeller-driven craft. Nor do I overlook the fact that at ...

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