A Game for All Hands

By Lieutenant (J.G.) Chester C. Wood, U. S. Navy
March 1932
The fulfillment of every naval officer’s career is to command in time of war. Fortunately for mankind wars are so few that only a small percentage of officers ever attain ...

Aircraft in Control of Trade Routes

By Lieutenant Commander George R. Fairlamb, Jr., U. S. Navy
March 1932
A New Element of Sea PowerDuring the World War we heard a great deal about freedom of the seas, and lately the phrase has again been current incident to ...

Coordination in Public Administration

By Rear Admiral T. T. Craven, U. S. Navy
March 1932
Lecture delivered before the Taylor Society, New York City, December 4, 1931IT is my desire in speaking on this subject first to indicate the reasons prompting the establishment of the ...

Secondary Meridians

By Lieutenant James O. Porter, U. S. Naval Reserve
March 1932
In these days of accurate hydrography and cartography the navigator seldom has to worry about his charts. True, there may be changes in soundings and the depth of certain areas ...

Unity of Command in the Civil War

By Commander J. C. Thom, U. S. Navy
March 1932
Today, when failure to appreciate the imperative necessity of unity of command is regarded as a cardinal sin, it is interesting to note how lightly this fundamental principle of joint ...

Confederate Commerce Destroyers

By Carlos C. Hanks
March 1932
THE SUMTER AND THE FLORIDAThe president of the American States in Confederation was gathering an army and navy for the defense of the South as the war clouds of ...


March 1932
Elements Contributing to Aërial Superiority(See pages 673, May, 1931, and 817, June, 1931, Proceedings)Lieutenant Franklin G. Percival, S. Navy (Retired).—Commander Turner's arguments for the flying-deck cruiser are based upon ...

Notes on International Affairs

Prepared By Professor Allan Westcott, U. S. Naval Academy
March 1932
From January 3 to February 3FAR EASTOccupation of Shanghai.—Following demands, first presented on January 21, calling upon the Shanghai municipal authorities to suppress anti-Japanese associations and boycott activities, Japanese ...

Book Reviews

March 1932
THEY THAT TAKE THE SWORD. By Esmé Wingfield-Stratford. New York: William Morrow and Co. 1931. $4.00.Reviewed by Lieutenant Commander T. L. Gatch, U. S. Navy.Where the wish is father to ...

Notes on the Geneva Conference

By Lieutenant Commander Schuyler Mills, U. S. Navy
March 1932
The first world conference on disarmament was opened at Geneva on the afternoon of February 2. Mr. Arthur Henderson, the president, made the opening address to the delegates of the ...

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