Our Naval Policy

By Admiral W. V. Pratt, U. S. Navy
July 1932
Introduction.—The Navy of our country lately has come in for much discussion in the press. Some of the comments have been of a constructive nature; many have been destructive. It ...

The Conquest of the Baltic Islands

By Captain G. von Koblinski, German Navy (Retired)
July 1932
During the course of the World War many movements of troops and of complete armies to a hostile coast were carried out by the armies and navies of the allied ...

Naval Gunfire in Support of Landings

By Lieutenant Walter C. Ansel, U. S. Navy
July 1932
LESSONS FROM GALLIPOLIThe world war furnished a wealth of material for the study of modern land warfare. From it many definite conclusions can be drawn and principles established. As ...

When a Cruiser Captured an Island

By Carlos C. Hanks
July 1932
IT WAS may in 1898 and Admiral Dewey and his victorious fleet were waiting in Manila Bay, amid the shattered hulks of Spain’s beaten squadron, for the naval and military ...

Should Poison Gas Be Legalized?

By Lieutenant Commander H. A. Gosnell, U. S. Naval Reserve
July 1932
For a number of years the Chemical Warfare Service of the U. S. Army has been conducting a propaganda in favor of all forms of chemical warfare. Although the reasons ...

St. Peter's Chapel, Navy Yard, Mare Island

By Captain Thomas A. Kearney, U. S. Navy (Retired)
July 1932
There has never been a time that threatening dangers—mythological or real—have not beset the ways of seagoing men. The same old “uncharted rocks, shoals and other hazards” that Jason encountered ...

Some Additional Uses for "H. O. 211"

By Lieutenant Arthur A. Ageton, U. S. Navy
July 1932
In a previous article in the Proceedings, the computation of the altitude and azimuth of a heavenly body by use of secant-cosecant formulas has been discussed in some detail. Dead ...

Telling the Time by the Stars

By Captain J. F. Hellweg, U. S. Navy
July 1932
This is A stunt pure and simple, but it is an interesting stunt.Look at any star chart or examine the table in the back of the Nautical Almanac giving the ...


July 1932
Piscataqua’s Pirates(See page 241, February, 1932, Proceedings)Lieutenant C. E. Gregerson, U. S. Navy.It was General Joseph Warren who sent Paul Revere to Portsmouth for the purpose of ...

Notes on International Affairs

Prepared By Professor Allan Westcott, U. S. Naval Academy
July 1932
From May 3 to June 3UNITED STATES AND LATIN AMERICAArrangements for Debt Arrears.—At the close of May the American State Department signed definite agreements with Great Britain, Italy, ...

Book Reviews

July 1932
LAMBERT WICKES: SEA RAIDER AND DIPLOMAT. By William Bell Clark. New Haven: Yale University Press. 1932. $5.00.Reviewed by Captain D. W. Knox, U. S. Navy (Retired)This book is “The Story ...

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