Proceedings Magazine - November 1932 Vol. 58/11/357

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The remarkable sponsorship of the Navy by John Adams is one of the notable phases of our early history. He was an ardent supporter of the first proposal made for naval forces in the Continental...



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  • The "Adams" Men-of-War
    By Captain Dudley W. Knox, U. S. Navy (Retired)

    The remarkable sponsorship of the Navy by John Adams is one of the notable phases of our early history. He was an ardent supporter of the first proposal made for naval forces in the Continental Congress, a leading member of the first Marine...

  • Puleston, Churchill, and the Dardanelles
    By H. A. De Weerd

    You may not like Winston, but he has the heart of a lion.—Lord John Fisher.

  • Scapa Flow
    By Beda von Berchem

    For six months the German High Sea Fleet had been at anchor at Scapa Flow. May, 1919, had come and with it the first bit of green on the hitherto snow-clad, rocky surface of the islands which surrounded the harbor. But the coming of spring meant...

  • The Economy of Naval Armament
    By Commander E. S. R. Brandt, U. S. Navy

    The cost of government has grown enormously throughout the world during the last fifteen years. Our own federal budget has grown from around one billion dollars to four billion dollars. Foreign budgets show approximately the same increase,...

  • Lung Training at the Submarine School
    By Lieutenant Harley F. Cope, U. S. Navy

    Officers and enlisted men under instruction at the Submarine Training School, New London, are given considerably more extensive training than heretofore. The losses of the S-4 and the S-51 and the inability of their crews to get to the surface...

  • The Mission of Naval Airships
    By Lieutenant Commander T. G. W. Settle, U. S. Navy

    Very inadequate consideration, it is believed, has to date been given to the building up of a doctrine for the effective naval utilization of airships by our service. A reason for this apparent apathy has, of course, been the lack of vessels of...

  • The Complete Recruiter
    By Lieutenant Joseph C. Van Cleve, U. S. Navy

    One paragraph of your orders will inform you that you are to be an officer in charge of a recruiting station, and two whole pages of the same set of orders will outline your responsibilities as a disbursing officer without bond.

  • Competitions
    By Lieutenant Commander P. A. Stevens, U. S. Navy

    We may consider that the development of a machine takes place in two major stages, viz., the experimental stage in which the adaption of a principle or theory is attempted, and, if successful, the stage of practical employment during which the...

  • The So-Called "Tidal Wave"
    By H. A. Marmer, U. S. Coast and Geodetic Survey

    The so-called tidal wave, which at times devastates coastal regions, is in reality a misnomer, for it is in no way related to the tide. The tide is brought about by the action of the tide-producing forces of sun and moon; the tidal wave is due to...

  • Discussions

    Puleston, Churchill, and the Dardanelles

    (See page 1577 this issue)

  • Notes on International Affairs
    Prepared By Professor Allan Westcott, U. S. Naval Academy


  • Book Reviews

    ENGLISH-FRENCH NAVAL TERMS. By A. R. Bradshaw, Paymaster Lieutenant Commander Royal Navy; French Interpreter (Higher Standard). London: Williams & Norgate, Ltd. 1932. 10/6.

    Reviewed by Lieutenant Commander H. W. Ziroli, U. S. Navy

  • Professional Notes
    Compiled By Members Of The Editorial Staff
  • Photographs


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