Proceedings Magazine - January 1932 Vol. 58/1/347

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A Lecture Delivered to the Officers of the Postgraduate School



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  • Leadership
    By Admiral Albert Gleaves, U. S. Navy (Retired)

    A Lecture Delivered to the Officers of the Postgraduate School

  • Promotion for Enlisted Men
    By Lieutenant James Kirkpatrick, Jr., U. S. Navy

    In these days of peace and reduction of our armed forces much oral and written comment is heard and seen on the subject of promotion. As each of us is most interested in ourselves and our own prospects, wardroom discussion and those in...

  • He Is with the Heroes
    By Carlos C. Hanks

    The war between Chile and Peru in 1879 was the result of a quarrel over the nitrate beds near Antofagasta, Bolivia. Chile claimed a treaty existed that gave her merchants the right to work these rich deposits, and upon Bolivia denying the claim,...

  • Two Poets of the Great War
    By Lieutenant Commander Melvin F. Talbot (S.C.), U. S. Navy

    Very nearly all of the soldiers of importance have written their memoirs of the Great War. In ponderous volumes the statesmen have excused and defended the conflicting policies that met in a surf of blood along the embattled frontiers. The...

  • The Beginning of the Yangtze River Campaign of 1926-27
    By Lieutenant K. N. Gardner, U. S. Navy

    Very soon now a new ribbon will take its place alongside the time-honored decorations and campaign medals of the past. That medal is known as the “Yangtze campaign medal” and will be awarded to those officers and men serving on...

  • Signaling in the British Navy, 1800
    By Lieutenant A. R. McCracken, U. S. Navy

    During a recent battle problem, a signal officer whose tenure had been relatively brief, spun the pages of the signal book in a frenzy, as flags and pennants, in hoist after hoist, fluttered to the yardarm of the flagship, and he was overheard to...

  • An Outline of American Diplomacy in the Far East
    By Captain Claude B. Mayo, U. S. Navy

    The history of the United States in its entirety covers so brief a span of time that the historian, seeking for a sure foundation of fact upon which to build his structure of speculations as to the future, finds but few instances of national...

  • Down Went McGinty to the Bottom of the Sea
    By Commander E. S. R. Brandt, U. S. Navy

    Prior to the London treaty of 1930, international law was fairly clear on the treatment which merchant shipping should receive at the hands of belligerents. Merchant ships could not be sunk except under the most extraordinary circumstances. They...

  • The Siege and Capture of Louisburg
    By Willard Curtis Tyler

    A large majority of Americans of today only know the name “Cape Breton” as an island somewhere off the coast of Nova Scotia. The name “Louisburg” means little or nothing except to those whose affairs call them to that...

  • Empirical Representations of Experimental Data Involving Several Variables
    By Commander G. L. Schuyler, U. S. Navy

    IN one rather common class of experimental engineering work, several known quantities combine in unknown ways to produce results; and the problem is then to discover what empirical relationships between the variables of condition may be in best...

  • Strength Tests at the U. S. Naval Academy
    By L. H. Mang, Chief Instructor Physical Training U. S. N. A., Lieutenant Commander P. V. H. Weems, U. S. Navy, and Lieutenant Commander F.K. Elder, U. S. Navy

    The records at the U. S. Naval I Academy of strength tests are perhaps the most complete and extensive of any in existence. These records are separate and distinct from the annual physical examinations that are given to all midshipmen. They might...

  • Discussions

    Uniforms That Are and Uniforms That Aren’t

    (See page 745, June, 1931, Proceedings)

  • Professional Notes
    Compiled By Members Of The Editorial Staff
  • Notes on International Affairs
    Prepared By Professor Allan Westcott, U. S. Naval Academy

    From November 3 to December 3


  • Book Reviews

    THE GERMAN SUBMARINE WAR. By R. H. Gibson and Maurice Prendergast. New York: Richard R. Smith, Inc. 1931. $8.50.

    Reviewed by Admiral Albert Gleaves, U. S. Navy (Retired).

  • Photographs
  • Naval Treaties


    Editor’s note: These treaties are reprinted here for the convenience of Institute members and subscribers to the Proceedings. It is felt that...


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