Faulty Communications

By Lieutenant Commander Sidney Ballou, U.S.N.R.
February 1929
No muscle in the body will serve the brain unless the communicating nerve is functioning. Some of the most insidious diseases are those affecting the organs of communication. So, in ...


By Lieutenant Commander Alfred Tawresey, U. S. Navy
February 1929
Can we improve admiral’s inspections? Can we increase the value of reports of inspections to the High Command? Can we increase their usefulness to all per­sonnel afloat? Can we retain ...

On Military Education

By Captain William P. Cronan, U. S. Navy (Retired)
February 1929
For war, least of all things, conforms to prescribed rules; it strikes out a path for itself when the moment comes.—Thucydides, Speech of the Corinthians, 432 B.C.While the ...

Uses of Aircraft in Naval Warfare

By Lieutenant Commander C. T. Gladden, U. S. Navy
February 1929
Many false conclusions have been drawn from the results of the use of aircraft in the World War. Some striking incidents of success are given exag­gerated importance; some failures are ...

The United States and Seapower

By Lieutenant H. E. Dow, U.S.N.R.
February 1929
Since the beginning of time, historical record-making has occupied the mind and labor of a great many people. A dividing line between the period of imper­manent record of event and ...


February 1929
A Great Forgotten Man(See page 1, January, 1929, Proceedings)Captain R. Drace White, U. S. Navy.—Commander Miles has worked up his study on Admiral de Grasse with a thor­oughness that excites ...

Professional Notes

Compiled By Commander F. W. Rockwell, U. S. Navy Lieutenant Commander A. C. McFall, U. S. Navy And Professor Henry Bluestone, U. S. Naval Academy
February 1929

Notes on International Affairs

Prepared By Professor Allan Westcott, U. S. Naval Academy
February 1929
From December 3 to January 3CLASH BETWEEN PARAGUAY AND BOLIVIABorder Hostilities.—In the midst of the League Council session at Lugano and the Pan-American Conference on Arbitration and Conciliation at Washington, ...

Book Reviews

February 1929
BOOK DEPARTMENTSave money by placing your order for all books, whether professional or not, with the Institute Book Department, which will supply any obtainable naval, professional, or scientific book, and ...

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