Heroic De Long and His Arctic Followers

By Commander Louis J. Gulliver, U. S. Navy
December 1929
Foreword By Mrs. Emma De Long, Widow of Lieutenant Commander George W. De Long, U.S. Navy. In July, 1929, fifty years had rolled by since my husband, Lieutenant Commander George ...

Again—The Engineering Competition

By Lieutenant (J. G.) Thomas J. Casey, U. S. Navy
December 1929
Competition is the spice of life. In fact, it is the essence of life itself, because life is admittedly a survival of the fittest—which means nothing else but competition. Competition ...

Safe Storage of High Explosives

By Commander Alfred H. Miles, U. S. Navy (Formerly inspector of ordnance in charge, Navy Mine Depot, Yorktown, Virginia)
December 1929
The havoc wrought by the explosion of TNT at the Naval Ammunition Depot, Lake Denmark, New Jersey, in July, 1926, caused those charged with the safety of naval munitions ashore ...

Notes from the Submarine Divisions Asiatic

By Lieutenant Emil B. Perry, U. S. Navy
December 1929
There is nothing quite so boring as to listen to a group of officers who have had duty on the Asiatic recounting their experiences, singing their songs, and swapping lies—unless ...

A Short History of the Leech Tennis Trophy

By Lieutenant Commander Vincent H. Godfrey, U. S. Navy
December 1929
Inasmuch as the only annual athletic competition between Army and Navy, unrestricted and unqualified, is for the Leech Tennis Trophy, a short history of the cup itself and the matches ...

Memorials and Naval Heroes

By Herman F. Krafft, Curator, U. S. Naval Academy
December 1929
Shakespeare’s swashbuckler Falstaff did not care for the role of hero, for he maintained you had to die to win. Sir Walter Blunt had just been “killed in action,” or ...

Arnold's Retreat from Valcour Island

By L. H. Bolander
December 1929
During the Revolution there were but two naval engagements of major importance—if by that term we mean operations directly affecting the result of the war—the first at Valcour Island in ...


December 1929
Training Reservists Aboard Destroyers (See page 502, June, 1929, Proceedings) Lieutenant G. F. Forster (DE-F), U.S.N.R.—When naval reservists break out their sea bags and bedding preparatory to embarking for the ...

Professional Notes

Compiled By Lieutenant Commander D. B. Beary, U. S. Navy Lieutenant Commander D. C. Ramsey, U. S. Navy And Professor Henry Bluestone, U. S. Naval Academy
December 1929

Notes on International Affairs

Prepared By Professor Allan Westcott, U. S. Naval Academy
December 1929
From October 4 to November 3 Naval Negotiations Invitations to January Conference.—In the course of their week-end conference at the President’s camp in Virginia, President Hoover and Premier MacDonald issued ...

Book Reviews

December 1929
BOOK DEPARTMENT Members of the Institute may save money by ordering books through its Book Department, which will supply any obtainable book. A discount of 10 per cent is allowed ...

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