The Office of Naval Operations

By Admiral E. W. Eberle, U. S. Navy, Chief of Naval Operations
November 1927
The functions now performed by the Office of the Chief of Naval Operations have been required ever since the establishment of the Navy. Formerly, these functions were performed by the ...

Origin of the Continental Navy

By Charles O. Paullin
November 1927
When the Continental Congress met at Philadelphia on May 10, 1775, the battles of Lexington and Concord had been fought and a British Army was besieged in Boston by the ...

The Strength of Gibraltar

By Captain W. S. Pye, U. S. Navy
November 1927
Has Aviation Affected the Strength of Gibraltar, Hawaii, and the Canal Zone? The Strength of Gibraltar! Most of us through the advertising medium of a prominent life insurance company and ...

Sea Power and the Yorktown Campaign

By Commander A. H. Miles, U. S. Navy
November 1927
Historians agree that the Yorktown campaign decided the American War for Independence. The surrender of Cornwallis at Yorktown, Virginia, on October 19, 1781, marks the successful close of the Revolution. ...

Birds of Ebony

By Rear Admiral George R. Clark, U.S.N. (Retired)
November 1927
"And the 'spotlight' o’er him streaming, throws his shadow on the floor." IF THERE is anything the matter with the Navy, in these clays when the favorite indoor sport is ...

The Nicaraguan Canal

By R. Z. Kirkpatrick, Major, Engineer Reserve, U. S. Army, Chief of Surveys, Panama Canal
November 1927
NO DOUBT the morning Egyptian papyri were once full of the doings of the young Croesus and Pharaoh, King Tut, who—like the Prince of Wales now—was the best headliner of ...

Another Route to the Pacific

November 1927
(Editor’s Note: The following account has been written for the Institute by the Assistant Editor, based on documents kindly furnished by the Naval Historical Foundation. The documents in ques­tion were ...

How to Recognize Propaganda

By K. L. Buell
November 1927
It is publicity when you use it yourself and propaganda when the other fellow uses it. It is an educational campaign when it is in harmony with your own thoughts, ...


By Captain Dudley W. Knox, U. S. Navy (Retired)
November 1927
Trade is undoubtedly at the bottom of the recent failure of the Geneva Conference on limitation of naval armaments. “The trade of the Empire is absolutely dependent upon the free ...


November 1927
A Vanishing Naval Tradition—The Figure- Head. (See page 1166, November, 1927, Proceedings) Rear Admiral Elliot Snow (Construction Corps), U. S. Navy (Retired) —I am glad to see the Proceedings of ...

Professional Notes

Compiled By Commander F. W. Rockwell, U. S. Navy And Assistant Professor Henry Bluestone, U. S. Naval Academy
November 1927

Notes on International Affairs

Prepared By Professor Allan Westcott, U. S. Naval Academy
November 1927
SEPTEMBER 1 TO OCTOBER 1 FRANCO-AMERICAN TARIFF PROBLEM New French Tariff Hits American Trade.—The new French tariff legislation, together with the recent Franco-German commercial agreement, both of which went into ...

Book Reviews

November 1927
BOOK DEPARTMENT Save money by placing your orders for all books, whether professional or not, with the Institute Book Department, which will supply any obtainable naval, professional or scientific book, ...

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