Reflections on the Airship Situation

By Lieutenant Commander C. E. Rosendahl, U. S. Navy
July 1927
The Sixty-ninth Congress recently en­acted a law providing for a five-year aircraft building program, the naval portion of which includes the construction of two naval rigid airships each of 6,000,000 ...

Interrelations of Sea and Air Problems

By the Honorable Edward P. Warner, Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Aeronautics
July 1927
(Editor’s Note: The following is the substance of an address delivered at the Naval Academy, May 23. 1927, preparatory to the beginning of the Summer Aviation Course.)The qualifications of a ...

Flight Training of Student Naval Aviators

By Lieutenant Barrett Studley, U. S. Navy
July 1927
(See pages xliii, xliv, xlv and 828-830)WITH the recently authorized ex­pansion in the aviation strength of the Navy, there has developed an urgent need for an increase in the number ...

After Jutland

By R. H. Gibson
July 1927
The German fleet fled back to harbor and never again left the fortified bases to try conclusions with the Grand Fleet. So does the press and public pronounce judgment on ...

Hydrographic Surveying with Aircraft

By Lieutenant Logan C. Ramsey, U. S. Navy
July 1927
(See pages xxxiii, xxxiv, xxxv)FROM a very unpretentious beginning, the utilization of aircraft in hydro­graphic surveying has developed until is the policy of the Hydrographic Office of the United States ...

Airplane Racing and Record Chasing

By Lieutenant F. W. Wead, U. S. Navy
July 1927
To many individuals, airplane races and record breaking flights are merely a spectacular form of sporting competition. Aviation, because of its novelty and hazards, naturally attracts much publicity. Normally, the ...

Air Operations in Palestine

By Lieutenant Forrest Sherman, U. S. Navy
July 1927
During the late summer and the fall of 1918 the attention of the United States was more or less concentrated on the progress of events on the western front. Yet ...

Air Mapping in Haiti

By First Lieutenant Hayne D. Boyden, U. S. Marine Corps
July 1927
The inception of aerial photography as an aid to mapping in Haiti arose from the desire of the Travaux Publics to secure as quickly as possible an accurate map of ...


July 1927
Adventures of "Old Glory” (See page 318, March, 1927, Proceedings) Captain Edwin T. Pollock, U. S. Navy (Retired).—The article “Adventures of Old Glory” gives some noteworthy events in its history, ...

Notes on International Affairs

Prepared By Professor Allan Westcott, U. S. Naval Academy
July 1927
FROM 30 APRIL TO 1 JUNEUNITED STATES Nicaraguan Settlement.—Following conferences early in May with both Conservative and Liberal leaders, Mr. Henry L. Stimson, as special representative of the United States ...

Book Reviews

July 1927
LIBELLE OF ENGLYSHE POLYCYE Edited by Sir George Warner. Oxford University Press. American Branch, New York. $3.50. Reviewed by Captain D. W. Knox, U. S. Navy (Retired). The Libel of ...

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