Salvaging U. S. S. "S-51"

By Captain Ernest J. King, U. S. Navy (Officer-in-Charge, Salvage Operations “S-51”)
February 1927
FOREWORD. It happened that the writer was Commander of the Submarine Base, New London, Conn., when the S-51 was sunk; he was notified by telephone on a Saturday afternoon that ...

The Sea Tale in American Literature

By Charles Lee Lewis, Associate Professor, U. S. Naval Academy
February 1927
IN ANSWER to the question as to who were the greatest interpreters of the sea in all its moods and the best portrayers of the characters of seamen, Clark Russell ...

Historic Ships of the Navy

By Robert W. Neeser
February 1927
“Kearsarge” The first Kearsarge was a screw sloop- of-war built by the government at the navy yard Portsmouth, New Hampshire, during the Civil War. She was launched on September n, ...

Perseus and the Sphinx, or Science and War

By J. M. Scammell, Lieut. Col. Inf. C. N. G.
February 1927
Time after time the feet of the world stumble and the eyes of the world are blurred after a debauch of butchery. Again and again the blind come forth and ...


February 1927
Modern Methods in Sea and Air Navigation (See Page 17, January, 1927, Proceedings) Edward J. Willis, M.E., Fellow A.I.E.E., Member A.S.M.E., Amer. Math. Soc., etc. Author of Methods of Modern ...

Notes on International Affairs

Prepared By Professor Allan Westcott, U. S. Naval Academy
February 1927
3 DECEMBER to 3 JANUARY UNITED STATES AND LATIN AMERICA U. S. Naval Forces in Nicaragua.— On December 24, Rear Admiral Latimer ordered the landing of sailors and marines at ...

Book Reviews

February 1927
BOOK DEPARTMENT The Institute Book Department will supply any obtainable naval, professional, or scientific book at retail price, postage prepaid. The trouble saved the purchaser through having one source of ...

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