Capital Ship Replacements

By Brockholst Livingston
August 1927
SINCE the Washington Conference on Limitation of Naval Armaments there , has apparently been some question in various circles as to the right of nations to replace their capital ships ...

A Suggested Base for the Scouting Fleet

By Lieutenant Commander Harold O'D. Hunter, U. S. Navy
August 1927
The Scouting Fleet has been basing about six months or more of the year for the past two years in the West Indies, either at Guantanamo, Gonaives, or the Gulf ...

When the Navy Railroaded in China

By Rear Admiral George A. Clark, U. S. Navy (Retired)
August 1927
(Editor’s Note: The following article was written when the author was a Commander and appeared in the Proceedings in March, 1909, under the title, “On Other Duty.”) ON THE morning ...

Some Strategical Aspects of Radio

By Lieutenant Harry A. Rochester, U. S. Navy
August 1927
IN THE past few years there has been a steady increase in dependence, and in the actual number of messages sent by radio for naval purposes. Our angle of vision ...

An Officer Detail System

By Commander H. E. Kays, U. S, Navy
August 1927
U.S.S.----------------------------------------October—, 192—.To Commander----------------Detail Section,Bureau of Navigation. My Dear Brown :I KNOW you are a busy man and I hesitate to bother you, but I will have been two and a ...

Distance Graph for Light on Horizon

By G. T. Rude, U. S. Coast and Geodetic Survey
August 1927
A graphic means for determining the distance from a light as it is raised on the horizonThe quest of the navigator for every means of lessening the chances of dis­aster ...

World War Analogies Fifty Years Before

By Commander A. T. Beauregard, U. S. Navy
August 1927
Immediately preceding the World War, and during the early stages of that conflict, many principles and methods were invoked which at that time were considered new. There is an old ...

The Sacred Calabash

By Rear Admiral Hugh Rodman, U. S. Navy (Retired)
August 1927
The Road to TahitiSOME twenty odd years ago, when stationed in the Hawaiian Islands in command of a small vessel, I was engaged in correcting the existing charts and sailing ...


August 1927
Line of Position(See page 574, May, 1927, Proceedings) E. B. Collins, Nautical Expert, Hydrographic Office.—Lieutenant Commander Weems, in his most interesting and able article, lias acquainted many with a somewhat ...

Notes on International Affairs

Prepared By Professor Allan Westcott, U. S. Naval Academy
August 1927
FROM 1 JUNE TO 1 JULYTHREE POWER NAVAL CONFERENCE Aims of Powers.—The Three Power Conference for Limitation of Naval Armament held its first meeting at Geneva on June 20, and ...

Book Reviews

August 1927
BOOK DEPARTMENTSave money by placing your orders for all books, whether professional or not, with the Institute Book Department, which will supply any obtainable naval, professional or scientific book, and ...

The Navy in Hawaii

By Albert Pierce Taylor, Librarian, Archives of Hawaii, and author of "Under Hawaiian Skies"
August 1927
(Editor’s Note: See Secretary's Notes this issue) Early Nineteenth Century FOR more than a century adventure, romance, tragedy, pageantry, bravery, diplomacy and destiny have figured con­spicuously in the visits of ...

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