Experiences in China During the Boxer Rebellion

By Captain J. K. Taussig, U. S. Navy
April 1927
Wherein are related the reasons for writ­ing this narrative; the preparations made by the U.S.S. “Newark” to meet such an emergency; the arrival and landing at Taku; the progress to ...

Why This Chaos in China?

By Captain Charles T. Hutchins, U. S. Navy
April 1927
The interest of the world is focused today on Chinese affairs. Trade in Hongkong is at a standstill, the foreign Canton concession on Shameen Island is barricaded and fortified against ...

Captured, Shipwrecked, and Marooned

By Captain Edwin T. Pollock, U. S. Navy (Retired)
April 1927
The American Schooner Manila and the German Raider Seeadler The Experience of F. J. Williams, Mate of the Manila. DURING any war, capture by the en­emy may be an eventuality ...

A Lesson From the War

By Commander W. P. Beehler, U. S. Navy (Retired)
April 1927
A STUDY OF GERMAN NAVAL COMMUNICATIONS ON AUGUST 28, 1914 For some time after the outbreak of the World War great uncertainty prevailed in the German Navy Department in regard ...

The Naval Battle of Topolobampo, 1914

By Commander H. E. Kays, U. S. Navy
April 1927
In 1914, units of the United States Navy “watchfully waiting” on the west coast, were witness to a naval action that had an important bearing on the struggle then being ...


April 1927
Modern Methods in Sea and Air Navigation (See Page 17, January, 1927, Proceedings) G. W. Littlehales.—In this article Commander Aquino has fully maintained his place in the forefront of the ...

Notes on International Affairs

Prepared By Professor Allan Westcott, U. S. Naval Academy
April 1927
3 FEBRUARY to 3 MARCH NEW NAVAL LIMITATION PROPOSAL President Coolidge's Message.—On February 10, without the usual preliminary diplomatic inquiries, President Coolidge sent to Great Britain, Japan, France, and Italy ...

Book Reviews

April 1927
BOOK DEPARTMENT The Institute Book Department will supply any obtainable naval, professional, or scientific book at retail price, postage prepaid. The trouble saved the purchaser through having one source of ...

Naval Activities on the Yangtse

April 1927
The following account of the naval activities on the Yangtse has been prepared by Lieutenant Felix L. Johnson, U. S. Navy, in collaboration with the editor, and it is hoped ...

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