The Service of Marblehead to the United States Navy

By Captain Thomas G. Frothingham, U. S. R.
December 1926
Author’s Note: At first sight it would seem incredible that the com­mission to the little schooner Hannah of Marblehead, depicted on the tablet shown in the accompanying picture, could mean ...

Personnel Training in the Navy

By Lieutenant Commander (Retired) O. O. Hagen, U. S. Navy
December 1926
The problem of personnel training in the Navy is ever with us, due to our large turnover of men. As this article is written, the Bureau of Navigation has indicated ...

Proposed Functions of the Naval Aircraft Factory

By Commander R. D. Weyerbacher, (CC), U. S. Navy
December 1926
The naval aircraft factory has played and will continue to play an important role in the development of naval air­craft. The report of the President’s Aircraft Board chair­man, Mr. Dwight ...

Historic Ships of the Navy

By Robert W. Neeser
December 1926
“Monitor” The Monitor was an ironclad steamer of the third rate built by contract by John Ericsson and the Continental Iron Works under authority of the Act of Congress approved ...

What Price Pacifism?

By Clifford Albion Tinker
December 1926
There is a book which was written by a Chinese more than 2,000 years before Christ was born, when all Europe was a wild and trackless wilderness, except for a ...

A Close Call

By Rear Admiral (Retired) Albert Gleaves, U. S. Navy
December 1926
“After all,” said an admiral, when receiving congratulations on his pro­motion, “it is largely a question of luck, when one remembers that in his , case the fog always lifted ...

The Case for the Capital Ship

By Lieutenant Commander G. C. Manning (CC), U. S. Navy
December 1926
Introduction . So much has been said regarding the efficacy of aircraft and submarines against battleships and so much of what has been allowed to stand uncontroverted is erroneous—founded on ...

Neptunus Rex

By Lieutenant Commander Glenn F. Howell, U. S. Navy
December 1926
A volume devoted to the origin and growth of customs, habits, and ceremonies at sea would prove pleasant reading for all modern sailors who love the sea, be they naval ...

U.S.N.A. 1918-1926

By Lieutenant J. J. Hughes, U. S. Navy
December 1926
Many officers criticize the Naval Academy for short­comings of which it is no longer guilty and, when a par­ticular case is brought to their attention, admit that they had taken ...

Fifty Years of Service

By Lieut. Comdr. Roy C. Smith, Jr., U. S. N.
December 1926
Editor’s Note: This article originally appeared in the Proceedings in October, 1923. Since that time the increase in the Institute’s membership has been so great that it is believed many ...


December 1926
Light Cruisers (See page 1733, September, 1926, Proceedings) Captain H. C. Dinger, U. S. Navy.—The question of what should be the characteristics of the new treaty cruisers is a matter ...

Notes on International Affairs

Prepared By Professor Allan Westcott, U. S. Naval Academy
December 1926
FROM 3 OCTOBER TO 3 NOVEMBER GREAT BRITAIN Nationhood for British Dominions.—It was reported that at the Imperial Conference in session in London at the close of October, a plan ...

Book Reviews

December 1926
BOOK DEPARTMENT The Institute Book Department will supply any obtainable naval, pro­fessional, or scientific book at retail price, postage prepaid. The trouble saved the purchaser through having one source of ...

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