Proceedings Magazine - March 1926 Vol. 52/3/277

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“He that commands the sea .... commands the world itself."



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  • The Battleship and Its Uses (Prize Essay 1926)
    By Hector C. Bywater

    “He that commands the sea .... commands the world itself."

  • The Airphobia of 1925
    By Lieutenant Commander C. A. Pownall, U. S. Navy

     “The Ocean is no Place for Amateurs.”

    Like a typhoon the recent storm of inquiry and publicity has spent itself upon the Navy and has laid it naked before the country. As a result of this naval airing, opin­...

  • Ships That Are No More
    By Wallace S. Wharton, Lieutenant (jg) U.S.N.R.

    By the terms of the Washington Naval Arms Treaty, and the scrapping of four obsolete ships prior to the conference, thirty gallant craft bearing the names of various states of the Union have disappeared from the active navy list, and now take...

  • Law and War
    By Captain Elbridge Colby, Inf., U. S. Army

    We hear from time to time expressions of a wish to abolish war by establishing the rule of law. Why, it is said, if differences between individuals are settled by judicial process, should not differences between states also be set­tled by...

  • Book Reviews


    The Institute Book Department will supply any obtainable naval, pro­fessional, or scientific book at retail price, postage prepaid. The trouble saved the purchaser through having one source of supply of...

  • Report of National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics, 1925

    *Editor’s Note.—This is but a portion of complete report.


  • Government's New Radio Policy

    Below is the new tentative policy as regards Radio now being tried out in the government departments concerned.

    1. Introductory

  • Limitation of Naval Armament (First Honorable Mention)
    By Captain Walter S. Anderson, U. S. Navy

    "Facts are stubborn things.”


  • Some Aspects of Our Air Policy
    By Rear Admiral W. V. Pratt, U. S. Navy, President U. S. Naval War College

    Second Honorable Mention

    "Truth Will Prevail"

    1. Introduction

    Recently the country has been stirred by the air controversy carried on in the press. In general,...

  • The Evolution of a Naval Museum
    By Herman F. Kraft, Curator, U. S. Naval Academy

    Ruskin somewhere in his books urges his reader to gaze steadily at a black smudge on one of the walls of a church in Florence. If at the end of half an hour the gazer does not see a wonderful picture in the smudge, Ruskin suggests that he go back...

  • Commodore
    By L. H. Bolander

    To the student of the history of our Navy, the term “Com­modore” is most familiar and carries with it associations of heroic deeds, and stirring scenes bound to thrill the heart of the American patriot. Such men as Perry, Preble,...

  • Discussion

    Sea Power and Pocket Books

    (See page 2231, December, 1925, Proceedings)

  • Professional Notes
    Prepared By Lieutenant Commander H. W. Underwood, U. S. Navy
  • Notes on International Affairs
    Prepared By Professor Allan Westcott, U. S. Naval Academy




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