Proceedings Magazine - February 1926 Vol. 52/2/276

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There is much current discussion as to whether our Navy is what it should be; as to whether aviation should be taken from it, and from the Army, to form a separate air force; as to whether a...



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  • National Policy and Naval Power
    By William Howard Gardiner

    There is much current discussion as to whether our Navy is what it should be; as to whether aviation should be taken from it, and from the Army, to form a separate air force; as to whether a consolidated “Department of Defense” should...

  • The Naval Staff Afloat
    By Captain B. B. Wygant, U. S. Navy

    It is a failing of human nature that the necessities of a new situation are never thoroughly grasped until the new situation is actually at hand. Ordinarily we are unable to appreciate the demands of new conditions until these demands become in...

  • Save the "Hartford"
    By Captain H. E. Yarnell, U. S. Navy

    In the mud of the Cooper River, stripped of her rigging, a 'roof over her deck, lies, almost forgotten, the old sloop Hartford.

    In England, Nelson's flagship has been a shrine for a century to the officers and men of the...

  • The Philippine Fiber Industry
    By Commander G. R. Crapo, (SC) U. S. Navy

    Its Connection with Allied Productions in the United States; Its Discovery, Growth and in Particular Its Adaption to the Manufacture of Cordage

  • An Adventure in Diplomacy
    By Captain Dudley W. Knox, U. S. Navy, Retired

    Soon after daylight on the morning of February 14, 1917, the tropic peace of the United States Naval Station, Guan­tanamo Bay, was broken by the unexpected appearance of three Cuban gunboats at the harbor entrance. After a slight delay...

  • Burrage Time Board
    By Rear Admiral G. H. Burrage, U. S. Navy

    The Burrage Time Board is designed to assist the officers when maneuvering their ships to determine the time to go from one position to another.                ...

  • Paperwork
    By Lieutenant Commander F. E. M. Whiting, U. S. Navy

    [Editor's note: Written in January, 1925. See discussion by Rear Ad­miral W. L. Rodgers on page 316 of this issue.]

  • Three Toasts
    By Commodore E. B. Underwood, U. S. Navy, Retired

    Reported By the Navigator

    Many years ago (1881-84), I made a cruise in the U.S.S. Pensacola. When I joined her, she was our flagship in the Pacific, and bore the flag of the late Rear Admiral George B. Balch.

  • Comparative Naval Data For the Treaty Navies
  • Discussion

    Paper Work

    (See page 294, February, 1926, Proceedings)

    Rear Admiral W. L. Rodgers, U. S. Navy, Retired.—I think the paper is a valuable one. The increase in paper work which is growing so fast in...

  • Professional Notes
    Prepared By Lieutenant Commander H. W. Underwood, U. S. Navy
  • Notes on International Affairs
    Prepared by Professor Allan Westcott, U. S. Naval Academy



    United States Invited to Preliminary Arms Conference.—At the session of the League of Nations Council in December it was decided...

  • Book Reviews


    The Institute Book Department will supply any obtainable naval, pro­fessional, or scientific book at retail price, postage prepaid. The trouble saved the purchaser through having one source...

  • Findings of the "Shenandoah" Court of Inquiry

    (From New York Times, January 2, 1926)

    The court having thoroughly inquired into all the facts and circum­stances connected with the loss of the U.S.S. Shenandoah, and having con­sidered the...

  • In Memoriam: Caspar F. Goodrich (1847-1925)

    In the death of Rear Admiral Goodrich, the American Navy lost an officer widely known for his distinguished professional attainments. The Naval Institute has lost one of its charter members.


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