Flying Over the Polar Sea

By Lieutenant Commander Richard E. Byrd, Jr., U. S. N., Ret.
August 1925
Editor’s Note: The following article was written by Lieutenant Commander Byrd on board ship while making passage from Wiscasset, Maine, to Sydney, Nova Scotia, and mailed to the U. S. ...

Honi Heke's War of 1845 in New Zealand

By Major Edwin N. McClellan, U. S. Marine Corps
August 1925
Few, if any, of the thousands of American officers, bluejackets, and marines, of the fleet which visited New Zealand this year, were aware that their forebears, serving on the sloop ...

Notes on International Affairs

Prepared By Professor Allan Westcott, U. S. Naval Academy
August 1925
FROM 7 JUNE TO 7 JULY EUROPEAN SECURITY NEGOTIATIONS French Note to Germany.—The course of negotiations between Great Britain, France, and Germany for a mutual security agreement, affecting especially the ...


August 1925
Proposed Administrative Changes in Navy Department (See page 357, March, 1925, Proceedings) Commander H. C. Dinger, U. S. Navy.—Commander Fisher deserves great credit for bringing up a subject which is ...

The Pacific Zone

By Sir Herbert Russell
August 1925
BRITISH VIEW OF UNITED STATES NAVAL POLICY A General Community of Interests The Coming Australian Visit by American Fleet Editor’s Note.—Attention is invited, in connection with this article, to “The ...

Powell's "Perry's Victory on Lake Erie"

By Charles Lee Lewis, Assistant Professor, U. S. N. A.
August 1925
There has probably been more controversy over incidents connected with the Battle of Lake Erie than about any other engagement in American naval history. Indeed, in the war of words ...

The Army Industrial College

By Captain Elliot Snow (CC), U. S. Navy
August 1925
Under a modified caption 1 the U. S. Department of Commerce, in 1924, issued an interesting and valuable pamphlet which summarizes the activities of the Division of Simplified Practice and ...

A Bachelor Looks at the Navy Pay Bills

By Lieutenant Harry A. Rochester, U. S. Navy
August 1925
After six and a half years at sea, living aboard ship does not present the same novelty and attraction that it did upon graduation from the Naval Academy. Living conditions ...

Finding Geographical Position in the Region of the North Pole

By G. W. Littlehales, Hydrographic Engineer, Hydrographic Office, Navy Department, Washington, D. C.
August 1925
AT THE North Pole, the zenith coincides with the north pole of the heavens and hence parallels of altitude coincide with parallels of declination and vertical or azimuth circles with ...

The Dacia Dilemma

By Rear Admiral Richard Wainwright, U. S. Navy, Ret.
August 1925
Our ambassador to Great Britain, Walter H. Page, had many hard nuts to crack during the World War, but the Dacia incident stands out impressively because of its importance and ...

The Selection and Use of Binoculars

By Ensign Alan R. McCracken, U. S. Navy
August 1925
The binocular is one of the most constantly used, and also abused, instruments aboard ship. Because it is indispensable on deck, many naval officers find a real satisfaction in owning ...

How the Navy Helped Them Home

By Lieutenant (jg) F. V. Barker, U. S. Navy
August 1925
WHILE the Richmond was lying off Salem Willows, Massachusetts, taking part in a Fourth of July celebration, an innocent looking despatch was received from the department asking when it would ...

The Salvage of "S-19"

By Commander Robert B. Hilliard (CC), U. S. Navy
August 1925
PROBABLY no two stranded vessels present the same problems in the matter of salvage. Each case will have individual difficulties which cannot be foreseen and which previous experience will not ...

Submarine Capabilities and Limitations

By Lieutenant Wilder D. Baker, U. S. Navy
August 1925
SUBMARINES have been a part of our Navy for something like twenty years but only recently has any attempt been made to incorporate them as a part of the fleet. ...

National Strategy

By Lieutenant Commander H. H. Frost, U. S. Navy
August 1925
Se cond Honorable Mention , 1925 Motto: “War is the sum of all the forces and pressures operative at a given period.” Churchill. I. War and National Strategy.—War is the ...

Book Review

August 1925
THE TESTING OF HIGH SPEED INTERNAL COMBUSTION ENGINES. By Arthur W. Judge. D. Van Nostrand Company, New York. $7.50 net. The use of the internal combustion engine today is so ...

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