The Trend of Naval Affairs

By Lieutenant (J.G.) R. E. Krause, U. S. Navy
April 1925
PRIZE ESSAY 1925 Motto: “Whither Are We Going.” Editor’s Note.—The author, while receiving his education in the high schools and Reed College, Portland, Oregon, joined the Oregon Naval Militia and ...

Our System of Fleet Training

By Commander Russell Willson, U. S. Navy
April 1925
The naval powers differ among themselves in geographic position, resources, policies, racial characteristics and military tradition. As the modern navies have trained and fought over a period of many years, ...

Joint Army and Navy Operations, Part V

By Captain W. S. Pye, U. S. N.
April 1925
In a previous article of this series, Joint Army and Navy Operations, Part IV, published in the Naval Institute Proceedings for March, the general subject of preparations for a specific ...

Main Battery Elevations and Fighting Aircraft

By Lieutenant F. P. Sherman, U. S. Navy
April 1925
The attention of both the Navy and the general public has recently been engaged by the question of gun elevation and the relative effectiveness of the treaty fleets at long ...

A Celestial Cruise

By Lieutenant H. V. Wiley, U. S. N.
April 1925
During the week of January 24, 1925, preparations were make at the Naval Airy Station, Lakehurst, New Jersey, to carry a party of observers in the U.S.S. Los Angeles to ...


April 1925
Proposed Administrative Changes in Navy Department (See page 357, March, 1925, Proceedings) Captain D. V. Chadwick, (SC), U. S. Navy—I am in hearty accord with all that Commander Fisher has ...

Notes on International Affairs

Prepared By Professor Allan Westcott, U. S. Naval Academy
April 1925
FROM JANUARY 23 TO FEBRUARY 23 ENGLAND AND FRANCE England May Waive Two Thirds of French Debt.—The full text of Chancellor of the Exchequer Winston Churchill’s reply to French Finance ...

Book Reviews

April 1925
A STUDY OF WAR—By Admiral Sir Reginald Custance, R.N., G.C.B., K.C.M.G., C.V.O. Constable and Company, Ltd. London, Bombay, Sydney. 12s. Houghton, Mifflin and Company, Boston and New York. $3.50. Reviewed ...

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