Proceedings Magazine - January 1925 Vol. 51/1/263

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The arrival of the aircraft carrier offers material for speculation as to its spheres of usefulness. There is scarcely any room' for doubt that it has definitely arrived, as a formidable...



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  • Strategic Value of the Aircraft Carrier
    By Lieutenant Commander G. B. Vroom, U. S. Navy

    The arrival of the aircraft carrier offers material for speculation as to its spheres of usefulness. There is scarcely any room' for doubt that it has definitely arrived, as a formidable weapon of offense and defense ; there has been no...

  • Joint Army and Navy Operations, Part II
    By Captain W. S. Pye, U. S. Navy

    In the first article of this series, Joint Army and Navy Operations— Part I, published in the Naval Institute PROCEEDINGS for December, special attention was devoted to a discussion of the requirements for effective cooperation between the...

  • Operation of a Destroyer at Full Power
    By Lieutenant Commander H. G. Donald, U. S. Navy

    The following notes cover the main features affecting personnel and material when operating a destroyer at full power. The conclusions and recommendations as to operation are based not only on the most interesting table, published with this...

  • Morocco—A Diplomatic Complex
    By Lieutenant Commander Lucius C. Dunn, U. S. Navy

    Contrary to prevailing popular belief the World War did not have its beginning at Sarajevo. It is true that the assassination of the Austrian Archduke Franz Ferdinand, the heir to the Austrian throne, and his wife in that quaint little Bosnian...

  • If I Were to Do My Service Over Again
    By Lieutenant Commander H. R. Snyder, (Sc) U.S.N.R.F.

    After one has spent ten years in the navy and then resigned and notices that his liver is not acting as well as it ought to, due to too many courses at lunch and dinner for all those years, there is an inclination to look back over his experience...

  • Our Chinese Navy
    By Wallace S. Wharton, Lieutenant (jg), U.S.N.R.F.

    Pampagna, Villalobos, Palos, Monocacy, Elcano, Isabel, Penguin, Pigeon and Helena.


    To the average American citizen these names mean little; but to those few who have come in direct contact...

  • An International Incident
    By Commodore E. B. Underwood, U.S.N., Retired

    As far as I know there has been no important work on international law published in the past fifty years that has not contained a discussion of the "case" of the Virginius. The "Virginius affair," as it was...

  • "Blood Is Thicker Than Water"
    By Willard C. Tyler

    In the Professional Notes of the PROCEEDINGS of the Institute for September, 1924, under the caption of "Great Britain" there is a sub-heading as above. There follows an extract from the Naval and Military Record...

  • Admiral Columbus
    By Commander L. J. Gulliver, U. S. Navy

    “Your Holy Majesties have graciously given your approval of my voyage across the western ocean in order that I may find a short route to the Indies. Yet I must beg your Majesties one more royal favor. I ask before I set sail that you shall...

  • Discussion

    Indoctrinating Civilians in Matters of Naval Defense


    (See page 1854, November, 1924, PROCEEDINGS)


  • Professional Notes
    Prepared By Lieutenant Commander H. B. Hird, U. S. Navy
  • Notes on International Affairs
    Prepared By Allan Westcott, Professor, U. S. Naval Academy






    RESULTS OF OCTOBER ELECTION.—The British parliamentary...

  • Book Reviews

    BLOCKADE AND SEA POWER—The Blockade, 1914-19, and its Significance for a World State. By Maurice Parmelee, Ph.D. New York: Thomas G. Crowell Company, 1924. Octavo, 460 pages. $3.00.

    Reviewed by Rear Admiral...


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