The Golden Age of the Navy Chaplaincy, 1830-55

By Lieutenant W. W. Edel, (Chc), U. S. Navy
June 1924
“The American people love valor. But they love religion also. And they reserve their choicest rewards for him who can combine the two. -Walter Colton.IntroductionWHEN the first privateersmen went out ...

United Air Service

By Lieutenant Commander V. D. Herbster, U. S. Navy
June 1924
The general demand for decreased governmental expendi­tures has fathered the belief that further efficiency and economy in the administration of the Government will be secured by the amalgamation of various ...

Some Phases of Radio Telephone Broadcasting

By Lieutenant A. H. Tawresey, U. S. Navy
June 1924
Practical communication by radio telephone is a com­paratively recent development. Although successful ex­periments with the radio telephone extend back through a period of years it was not until the entry ...

Newspaper Publicity for the Navy

By Lieutenant Commander G. E. Brandt, U. S. Navy
June 1924
We have lapsed into a period of public indifference toward national defense. Pacifist propaganda, stimulated by assistance from foreign countries, is seeking to de­moralize the military establishment and place our ...

The Practice of Navigation on Shore

By Lieutenant L. L. Mills, U. S. N. R. F.
June 1924
Orders to inactive duty are almost always followed by a cessation of activities in things nautical. This is especially true as regards navigation. The reserve officer may attend drills where ...

Sea Training of Marine Officers

By Major General George Barnett, U. S. Marine Corps, Ret.
June 1924
In writing this article I am not in any way reflecting upon the excellent service rendered by marine detachments afloat, but am merely attempting to set forth a few suggestions ...


By Captain Earl H. Jenkins, U. S. Marine Corps
June 1924
There is nothing so obnoxious to one interested in music as a discord. There is nothing so devastating in its effects, in business—the Navy in particular—as lack of co-operation and ...

The National Budget System

By Lieutenant Commander Lucius C. Dunn, U. S. Navy
June 1924
Editor’s Note: In view of the fact that it is the present policy of the Navy Department to detail officers from the naval service for duty in con­nection with the ...


June 1924
A Study of Our Promotion and Graded Retirement Laws(See page 523, April, 1924, Proceedings)Lieutenant W. E. Doyle, U. S. Navy.—The fact is brought out by Captain Taussig in this paper ...

Notes on International Affairs

Prepared By Allan Westcott, Professor, U. S. Naval Academy
June 1924
FROM MARCH 23 TO APRIL 23GERMANY AND REPARATIONSExpert Committee Reports Published.—On April 9 the two expert committees on German finances delivered their reports to the Reparations Commission. Copies were at ...

Book Reviews

June 1924
“THE ‘NEWEST NAVIGATION’ AND AVIATION—ALTI­TUDE AND AZIMUTH TABLES—THE SIMPLEST AND READIEST IN SOLUTION.” By Commander Radler de Aquino, Brazilian Navy.Review by Lieutenant Commander R. E. Rogers, U. S. NavyThe Aquino ...

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