Rigid Airships—United States Ship "Shenandoah"

By Lieutenant Commander H. T. Bartlett, U. S. Navy
February 1924
The rigid airship differs from the other types of lighter- than-air ship by having a rigid metal framework enclosing the lifting elements, so that the gas pressure is not relied ...

America's Part in Founding the German Navy

By Rear Admiral Caspar F. Goodrich, U. S. Navy, (Retired)
February 1924
In the North American Review for September, Mr. Willis Fletcher Johnson pays a well earned tribute to the men and women of our Russian Relief Mission who toiled for nearly ...

Report on the Fitness of Officers

By Commander J. O. Richardson, U. S. Navy
February 1924
The present form of the Report on the Fitness of Officers, adopted in October, 1921, is a great improvement over the older form, but I believe that this report can ...

Selling to the Service

By Commander Graham M. Adee, S. C., U. S. N.
February 1924
A scrutiny of a few of the recent business failures has shown the inclusion on the creditors' lists of a large proportion of persons in the service. The late lamented ...

Smoke Screen Athletics

By Walter Aamold, Instructor, U. S. Naval Academy
February 1924
Murmurs are about that the Navy has become godfather to a host of tramp athletes. Here and there we sense the rumblings of commanding officers who are about to wres­tle ...


February 1924
Shall We Outgrow The Panama Canal (See page 7, January, 1924, Proceedings) Captain A. W. Hinds, U. S. Navy.—I read Mr. Weems’ paper with a great deal of interest and ...

Notes on International Affairs

Prepared By Allan Westcott, Professor, U. S. Naval Academy
February 1924
FROM NOVEMBER 23 TO DECEMBER 23GERMANY AND THE ALLIED POWERSAmericans on Finance Commissions.—On November 30 the Repara­tion Commission decided to appoint two committees of experts, one to investigate ways and ...

Book Reviews

February 1924
LA GUERRE DES CROISEURS. Du 4 Aout, 1914, a la Bataille des Falkland. Vol. II (Du 1er Octobre au 8 Decembre, 1914). By P. Chack, Capitaine de Fregate. Published under ...

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