Proceedings Magazine - August 1924 Vol. 50/8/258

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Having been more or less occupied at one time with questions of personnel and promotion, I have been much interested in the discussions going on lately on that subject. There are inherent laws...



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  • Some Thoughts on the Line Personnel Situation
    By Captain Roy C. Smith, U. S. Navy, (Retired)

    Having been more or less occupied at one time with questions of personnel and promotion, I have been much interested in the discussions going on lately on that subject. There are inherent laws governing promotion that operate at all times....

  • Points to Be Observed in the Advancement of Naval Aviation
    By Captain T. T. Craven, U. S. Navy

    The requirements and, possibly, present-day limitations, of military aeronautics over land are fairly well understood. The flying sailor, however, in pursuit of preliminaries for the advancement of his art has far to go, and there is but little...

  • The Development of Military Character
    By Colonel George Van Orden, U. S. Marine Corps, (Retired)

    The one essential element in leadership is character. It is of far greater importance than mere knowledge of the technique of one’s profession, yet while years are spent in the acquisition of knowledge, seldom is the student given a...

  • The Naval Publicist's Aim
    By Brockholst Livingston

    Much has been written recently of the need of naval writers. But a short while ago there appeared in the Proceedings a most interesting article setting forth the requirements of the public as regards naval publicity. It gave at length the...

  • Ship Models at the United States Naval Academy
    By Herman F. Krafft
    THE NAVAL ACADEMY has in its different buildings about 160 half and sixty-five full ship models. While none of these can boast of being four centuries old, as can some rare specimens in the great museums of Europe, there are never­theless a...
  • The Legal Rights of Naval Officers and Enlisted Men in Their Inventions
    By Ernest Wilkinson

    Editor's Note: The Department deems it proper that the fact be noted that the questions discussed by Mr. Wilkinson have been under con­sideration for some time by the Interdepartmental Patents Board and that proposed legislation relative...

  • Two Episodes in Sicard's Life
    By Rear Admiral Caspar F. Goodrich, U. S. Navy, (Retired)

    ALTHOUGH the present and the future contain the chief and pressing demands on naval thought, it is always well to search the records of the past for guidance in our plan­ning and for stimulus to that devotion to the service which is...

  • Releasing Gear for Launching as Used on the U. S. S. Whitney
    By Lieutenant Edward Ellsberg, (CC), U. S. Navy
    The shipbuilder having advanced his vessel on the ways to the point where he is ready to launch her is confronted with two problems. He must first provide a means for holding the ship on the ways while the launching gang removes the keel blocks...
  • Fixing the Decimal Point
    By Lieutenant Commander Fitzhugh Green, U. S. Navy

    The slide rule is gradually coming into its own on board ship. The growing number of technical postgraduates that are joining the fleet is one reason. Modern tendency for the average officer to dip into mathematical computations formerly left to...

  • The Naval Reserve; Looking In and Looking Out
    By Lieut. Comdr. H. Rossiter Snyder, (SC), U. S. N. R. F.

    HAVING been an officer of the regular service for ten years, and thereafter a reserve officer for five years, the writer has made several mental notes on his varied experiences with the United States Naval Reserve Force which may be of some...

  • Breaking Ice in Baltimore Harbor, A War Measure, Winter 1917-1918
    By Captain D. E. Dismukes, U. S. Navy

    It is believed that the report submitted by the commanding officer of the Kentucky setting forth in detail the manner in which the shipping in Baltimore Harbor was released in Jan­uary, 1918, published herewith, will be of value to the...

  • Discussion

    Costs In Navy Yards

    (See page 424, March, 1924, Proceedings)

    (For Discussion see page 970,...

  • Professional Notes
    Prepared By Lieutenant Commander H. B. Hird, U. S. Navy


    American Naval Strength

  • Notes on International Affairs
    Prepared By Allan Westcott, Professor, U. S. Naval Academy

    FROM MAY 23 TO JUNE 23


    American Note Upholds Right of Exclusion.—From N. Y. Times, June 18.—Washington, June 18.—The American Government's reply to the recent Japanese protest against...

  • Book Reviews

    MARINE ENGINEERING PRACTICE, by Engineer Com­mander F. J. Drover, R. N. D. Van Nostrand Company, New York, $6.50.

    This volume of four hundred ninety pages is designated by the author as "a real practical guide for Marine Engineers...


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