Proceedings Magazine - July 1924 Vol. 50/7/257

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There are four principal requirements for the successful use of torpedoes in action by destroyers:



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  • Some Torpedo Problems for Destroyers
    By Lieutenant Commander H. H. Frost, U. S. Navy

    There are four principal requirements for the successful use of torpedoes in action by destroyers:

  • Sea Service for Naval Constructors
    By Lieutenant T. L. Schumacher (CC), U. S. Navy


    IT IS proposed that each naval constructor he required to per­form at least three years of sea service as a naval constructor before he reaches the grade of captain; this service to be performed as nearly as...

  • The Wreck of the U. S. S. Tacoma
    By Lieutenant W. A. Sullivan (CC), U. S. Navy

    On the morning of January 18, the U. S. S. Prometheus completed the canal passage and dropped anchor in the harbor of Colon, Canal Zone. The battle fleet was as­sembled there for the maneuvers. Overhead planes were hover­ing to and fro,...

  • Preparing an Advance Base
    By Lieutenant F. H. Gilmer, U. S. Navy

    Foreword.—A fleet arrives at an advance base. In short order water barges are alongside, boats shove off and land a liberty party at a rather elaborate landing. The party proceeds to spend money at a well stocked canteen and to play ball...

  • From Cavite to Portsmouth
    By Commander L. P. Treadwell, U. S. Navy

    A Narrative of the Cruise of the U. S. S. “Wilmington” During the Summer of 1922

  • A Strange Adventure in Wales
    By Captain Frank Pleadwell (MC), U. S. Navy

    NO FLIGHT of imagination in which we had indulged in relation to our probable travels abroad as observers during the war had included the inland region of North Wales among the places to be visited in connection with official inspec­tions....

  • The Naval Gun Factory
    By Lieutenant Commander R. P. Guiler, Jr., U. S. Navy

    From general knowledge, and my own personal experience, I am of the opinion that the average naval officer has but a vague idea of the Naval Gun Factory, its mission, its rela­tion to the fleet, Bureau of Ordnance and the naval service at...

  • Adult Officer Education
    By Commander Willis W. Bradley, Jr., U. S. Navy

    The education of an officer never ceases from the date of his first commission to the time of his retirement from active service. We know this to be so true that it hardly interests us; the bare fact that one keeps on acquiring knowledge all his...

  • Discussion

    See Training of Marine Officers

    (See page 935, June, 1924, Proceedings)


  • Professional Notes
    Prepared By Lieutenant Commander H. B. Hird, U. S. Navy
  • Notes on International Affairs
    Prepared By Allan Westcott, Professor, U. S. Naval Academy


  • Book Reviews

    NORIE’S NAUTICAL TABLES. Omray, Laurie, Norie and Wilson, Ltd., London.

    Review by Lieutenant Commander R. E. Rogers, U. S. Navy


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