Proceedings Magazine - May 1924 Vol. 50/5/255

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Oh wad some power the giftie gie us,

To see oursel’s, as others see us!




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  • Naval Mirrors
    By Lieutenant Commander R. P. Guiler, Jr., U. S. Navy

    Oh wad some power the giftie gie us,

    To see oursel’s, as others see us!


  • A Legal Problem on Board Ship
    By Lieutenant Commander J. H. Taylor, U. S. Navy

    One of the most confusing legal problems on board ship arises when a man is discovered in possession of clothing or other property belonging to one of his shipmates or in possession of government property without proper authority. To some extent...

  • Some Colorful Haitian History
    By Commander C. S. Baker (SC), U. S. Navy

    IF, AS MANY are prone to believe, nature has a controlling effect upon mankind, the turbulence and vividness of the elements in the tropical West Indies must have left a lasting imprint upon native character. And it is hard to believe that, as a...

  • The Naval Observatory
    By Captain Austin Kautz, U. S. Navy

    ALTHOUGH the people of the United States in general and officers of the Navy in particular are cognizant of the ex­istence of the Naval Observatory in Washington, the capital of the nation, their information concerning its activities and the...

  • Incidents of the Voyage of the U. S. S. "Charleston" to Manila in 1898
    By Captain A. Farenholt, (MC), U. S. Navy

    On May 5, 1898, the U.S.S. Charleston was placed in com¬mission at the Navy Yard, Mare Island, Cal. It had not been the intention of the Department to commission the vessel on that date but the necessity of immediately sending a ship to the...

  • A Four-to-Seven-Year Enlistment
    By Lieutenant Commander E. S. R. Brandt, U. S Navy

    DURING the last ten years nothing has been so much tinkered with in personnel as has the term of enlistment. The net result has been a return to the situation as it was in the beginning: viz., the straight four-year enlistment with a present...

  • Nitrogen Fixation
    By Lieutenant Commander C. H. Wright, U. S. Navy

    ON FEBRUARY 27, 1924, the following article appeared in the Washington Post under the headlines “Force of Greatest Explosive Doubled—New Chemical Marvel Unites Oxygen and Nitrogen; Means Cheap Fertilizer”:


  • Saving and Investment
    By Lieutenant Commander T. C. Kinkaid, U. S. Navy
    1. Naval officers rarely appreciate the real value of saving money, perhaps because they do not have much from which to save, and are very seldom versed in the principles of sound in­vestment.
  • Discussion

    Rigid Airships—United States Ship “Shenandoah”

    (See page 161, February, 1924, Proceedings)

    Editor’s Note : Lieutenant Commander Bartlett’s article...

  • Professional Notes
    Prepared By Lieutenant Commander H. B. Hird, U. S. Navy
  • Notes on International Affairs
    Prepared By Allan Westcott, Professor, U. S. Naval Academy


  • Book Reviews

    THE LIFE OF SIR WILLIAM WHITE, K.C.B., F.R.S., LL.D., D.Sc. By Frederick Manning, with an introduction by The Right Honorable Lord George Hamilton. E. P. Dutton and Co., New York. $8.00.


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