Proceedings Magazine - March 1924 Vol. 50/3/253

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The purpose of this article is not to offer any set of hard and fast rules that must be followed, but merely to present a discussion of the possible ways in which naval aircraft may...



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  • Tactical Employment of Naval Aircraft
    By Lieutenant Commander H. B. Grow, U. S. N.

    The purpose of this article is not to offer any set of hard and fast rules that must be followed, but merely to present a discussion of the possible ways in which naval aircraft may be used, and a few suggestions as to the best...

  • A Cruise Through the First Academic Journal, and Some Modern Analogies
    By Lieutenant Commander Mahlon S. Tisdale, U. S. Navy

    In a small glass showcase built especially for the purpose, in the Academic Board room at the Naval Academy, is a brown, leather-covered, dog-eared volume which, in longhand entries, contains the early history of the Academy—from 1845-54....

  • The Navy and the North Pole
    By Lieutenant Commander Fitzhugh Green, U. S. N.

    PRESIDENT COOLIDGE in his letter to Secretary Denby of November 20, 1923, authorizing a naval expedition to the north polar regions said: “As it fell to the Navy to achieve the final goal, through the efforts of Admiral Peary, it is...

  • The Navy and Marine Memorial
    By Rear Admiral Bradley A. Fiske, U. S. N. (Retired)

    A movement is under way to erect in Washington a beautiful and stately monument of sea-green bronze, as a memorial to the men of the sea, and dedicated to those who have been lost.
    There is no such monument anywhere in the world. There is no...

  • Tactical Ramblings
    By Lieutenant Commander E. G. Allen, U. S. Navy

    IN ATTEMPTING to get one’s feet on solid ground in study­ing naval tactics, a student, after covering all of the authori­tative literature on the subject, is bound to be struck by the meager amount of real material at his disposal;...

  • Developments in the Study of Ocean Currents, or How Ocean Currents Are Depicted
    By Theron D. Wilson

    Ocean currents exercise a very important influence not only upon climate but also on commerce. The practical sea¬man today cannot be satisfied with merely general knowledge about an influence which so materially affects him. But there has...

  • Rear Admiral Charles Wilkes And His Exploits
    By Mary H. Krout
    Editor's Note: Civilians are prone to look upon the Naval Officer as one whose training is for war, and whose occupation in time of peace con­tributes little to the development of his country or of the world.
  • The Staff Equalization Bill
    Commander J. S. McCain, U. S. Navy

    IN JUNE, 1923, the Navy Department convened a board for the purpose of evolving a method for the equalization of the promotion of staff officers with the promotion of officers of the line.

  • Costs in Navy Yards
    By Captain George H. Rock (CC), U. S. Navy

    The slack times in the shipyards and the reduced naval appropriations for new “Increase of the Navy” work in them and in the Navy Yards, and also, possibly, other causes, following the war, have led to many criticisms of the cost of work in Navy...

  • Starting a Ship's Library in the Coast Guard
    By Captain Byron L. Reed, U. S. C. G.

    There appears to be renewed interest in obtaining books and reading matter for men on Government and merchant vessels and appeals for contributions of books for libraries on ships have lately received wide publicity. In these days of plentiful...

  • Discussion

    Taking the Navy to the People

    (See page 2010, December, 1923 Proceedings)

    Cyril Moran—“People are willing to believe what they read and when they can only read the false they cannot be expected to have ideas that are...

  • Professional Notes
    Prepared By Lieutenant Commander H. B. Hird, U. S. Navy And Lieutenant J. B. Heffernan, U. S. Navy


    American Naval Strength

  • Notes on International Affairs
    Prepared By Allan Westcott, Professor, U. S. Naval Academy



  • Book Reviews

    NAVAL OPERATIONS, Volume III. By Sir Julian Corbett. Longmans, Green and Co., London, 1923. $7.50.

    A Review by Rear Admiral N. C. Twining, U. S. Navy, (Ret.)


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