Proceedings Magazine - February 1924 Vol. 50/2/252

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The rigid airship differs from the other types of lighter- than-air ship by having a rigid metal framework enclosing the lifting elements, so that the gas pressure is not relied upon to retain...


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  • Rigid Airships—United States Ship "Shenandoah"
    By Lieutenant Commander H. T. Bartlett, U. S. Navy
    The rigid airship differs from the other types of lighter- than-air ship by having a rigid metal framework enclosing the lifting elements, so that the gas pressure is not relied upon to retain the form of the ship, either entirely as in the non...
  • Beginnings of the United States Naval Academy
    By Charles O. Paullin

    EDITOR'S NOTE: This article gives a history of early education in the Navy, and of efforts made from 1777-1845 to establish a proper naval school. It carries through to the establishment of a school in the Naval Asylum at Philadelphia,...

  • Elementary Points of the Treaty Limiting Armaments
    By Lieutenant W. E. Doyle, U. S. Navy
    Many able articles have been published on the Limitation of Armaments Treaty, some of them written by experts who were in close touch with the makers of the treaty. These writings have been very interesting and instructive; but most of them...
  • America's Part in Founding the German Navy
    By Rear Admiral Caspar F. Goodrich, U. S. Navy, (Retired)

    In the North American Review for September, Mr. Willis Fletcher Johnson pays a well earned tribute to the men and women of our Russian Relief Mission who toiled for nearly two years amid disease, filth and famine to save an estimated ten millions...

  • Report on the Fitness of Officers
    By Commander J. O. Richardson, U. S. Navy

    The present form of the Report on the Fitness of Officers, adopted in October, 1921, is a great improvement over the older form, but I believe that this report can be materially improved and that it should be changed.

  • The Horizontal Angle Method of Finding the Local Sidereal Time
    By John G. Kellar

    IN CONNECTION with the measurement of azimuth for the purpose of orienting triangulation, using an ordinary 10" repeating theodolite, on several occasions within recent years, in cloudy weather, the writer has found it expedient to employ a...

  • Selling to the Service
    By Commander Graham M. Adee, S. C., U. S. N.

    A scrutiny of a few of the recent business failures has shown the inclusion on the creditors' lists of a large proportion of persons in the service. The late lamented Army and Navy Co-operative Store and the recent partial-payment-plan...

  • Smoke Screen Athletics
    By Walter Aamold, Instructor, U. S. Naval Academy

    Murmurs are about that the Navy has become godfather to a host of tramp athletes. Here and there we sense the rumblings of commanding officers who are about to wres­tle with the perplexing details of an incomplete athletic organiza­tion...

  • A Suggestion for Improving the Present Test on Boiler Water
    By Lieutenant H. E. Dow, U. S. N. R. F.

    In the following article I have endeavored to submit a sug­gestion which I believe will improve the accuracy of the present test on boiler water and also give an engineer offi­cer results which he may compare from day to day more in­...

  • Discussion

    Shall We Outgrow The Panama Canal

    (See page 7, January, 1924, Proceedings)

    Captain A. W. Hinds, U. S. Navy.—I read Mr. Weems’ paper with a great deal of interest and I am in agreement with him that the government should...

  • Professional Notes
    Prepared By Lieutenant Commander H. B. Hird, U. S. Navy And Lieutenant J. B. Heffernan, U. S. Navy
  • Notes on International Affairs
    Prepared By Allan Westcott, Professor, U. S. Naval Academy



  • Book Reviews

    LA GUERRE DES CROISEURS. Du 4 Aout, 1914, a la Bataille des Falkland. Vol. II (Du 1er Octobre au 8 Decembre, 1914). By P. Chack, Capitaine de Fregate. Published under the direction of the Historical Service of the French Navy...


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