Maintenance Of The Treaty Navy

By Assistant Secretary Theodore Roosevelt
May 1923
MAINTENANCE OF THE TREATY NAVY By Assistant Secretary Theodore Roosevelt In the final analysis, civilization is based on communication. The advance of man has been coincident with man's contact with ...

The Navy

By Admiral R. E. Coontz, U. S. Navy, Chief Of Naval Operations
May 1923
THE NAVY By Admiral R. E. Coontz, U. S. Navy, Chief of Naval Operations Ladies and Gentlemen: It is a privilege for me to be allowed to address you tonight ...

"Keep Our Navy Strong."

By Captain Luke Mcnamee, U. S. Navy
May 1923
"KEEP OUR NAVY STRONG" By Captain Luke McNamee, U.S. Navy, Director of Naval Intelligence When I was informed by Colonel Roosevelt, Assistant Secretary of the Navy, that I was to ...


May 1923
DISCUSSION The Part of Engineering in Command (See Page 203, February, 1923, Proceedings) Rear Admiral N. C. Twining, U. S. Navy.—It may, indeed, be true, as suggested by Admiral Wilson ...

Professional Notes

Prepared By Lieutenant Commander F. W. Rockwell, U. S. Navy And Lieutenant J, B. Heffernan, U. S. Navy
May 1923
PROFESSIONAL NOTES Prepared By Lieutenant Commander F.W. Rockwell, U.S. Navy and Lieutenant J.B. Heffernan, U.S. Navy GREAT BRITAIN British Admiralty is Firm Against Further Navy Cuts.—London, March 12.—The navy estimates ...

Notes On International Affairs

Prepared By Allen Westcott, Professor, U. S. Naval Academy
May 1923
NOTES ON INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS FROM FEBRUARY 23 TO MARCH 23 Prepared by Allan Westcott, Professor, U.S. Naval Academy FRANCE IN THE RUHR Food riots, sabotage, attacks upon French officials, and ...

Book Reviews

May 1923
REVIEW OF BOOKS LA GUERRA MARITTIMA (with the subtitle, "A Study of the Employment of Means in the World War") Vol. I. By Romeo Bernotti, Capitano di Vascello. Florence, Italy, ...

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