The End Of The Trail

By Lieutenant N. C. Gillette U. S. Navy
June 1923
THE END OF THE TRAILBy Lieutenant N. C. Gillette, U. S. Navy I’d give a thousand dollars to be on the Iowa during that firing tomorrow," remarked one of the ...

The Proposed Amalgamation Bill

By Commander C. W. Fisher (Cc), U. S. Navy
June 1923
THE PROPOSED AMALGAMATION BILLBy Commander C.W. Fisher (CC), U.S. Navy On March 7, 1923, a proposed Amalgamation Bill was prepared by the Navy Department. The following memorandum or explanation accompanied ...

Across The Pole By Plane

By Lieutenant Commander Fitzhugh Green, U. S. Navy
June 1923
ACROSS THE POLE BY PLANEBy Lieutenant Commander Fitzhugh Green, U.S. Navy The latest polar controversy is of especial significance to navy men. It may be expressed by the hypothetical question: ...

We Must Have It!

By Lieutenant Commander F. S. Craven, U. S. Navy
June 1923
WE MUST HAVE IT!By Lieutenant Commander F. S. Craven, U.S. Navy It is known that several efforts have been made in recent years toward the establishment of a Gunnery School ...

American Marines In The Revolution

By Major Edwin N. McClellan, U. S. Marine Corps
June 1923
AMERICAN MARINES IN THE REVOLUTIONBy Major Edwin N. McClellan, U.S. Marine Corps "At no period of the naval history of the world, is it probable that Marines were more important ...

Planning and Estimating Navy Yards

By Captain George H. Rock (CC), U. S. Navy
June 1923
The success of a manager in a navy yard for the cycle commencing with July 1, 1921, is likely to be measured by the Department's opinion of the results accomplished ...

A Naval Pooh-Bah

By Rear Admiral J. L. Jayne, U. S. Navy, Retired
June 1923
A NAVAL POOH-BAHBy Rear Admiral J.L. Jayne, U.S. Navy, Retired Naval officers of the United States are educated to perform many kinds of duties, ranging from junior deck officer or ...


June 1923
DISCUSSIONThe Practical Application of The Principles of High Command(See Page 2041, December, 1922, Proceedings)Rear Admiral N.C. Twining, U.S. Navy.—In this thoughtful and logically developed paper by Captain Laning there is ...

Professional Notes

Prepared By Lieutenant Commander F. W. Rockwell, U. S. Navy And Lieutenant J, B. Heffernan, U. S. Navy
June 1923
PROFESSIONAL NOTESPrepared By Lieutenant Commander F.W. Rockwell, U.S. Navy and Lieutenant J.B. Heffernan, U.S. Navy GREAT BRITAIN Naval Policy.—The reception accorded the Navy Estimates by the House of Commons has ...

Notes On International Affairs

Prepared By Allen Westcott, Professor, U. S. Naval Academy
June 1923
NOTES ON INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS FROM MARCH 23 TO APRIL 23Prepared by Allan Westcott, Professor, U.S. Naval Academy UNITED STATES Lansing-Ishu Agreement Cancelled.—On April 15 notes were exchanged between the United ...

Book Reviews

June 1923
REVIEW OF BOOKS WITH THE RUSSIAN ARMY, 1914-1917, (2 Vols.), Major General Sir Alfred Knox, K.C.B., C.M.G.E.P. Button and Company, New York. 760 pp. $15.A Review by Colonel W.K. Naylor, ...

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