The Russian Navy And The Revolution

By Dimitri Fedotov, Lieutenant Commander, Imperial Russian Navy
June 1922
THE RUSSIAN NAVY AND THE REVOLUTIONBy Dimitri Fedotov, ex-Lieutenant Commander, Imperial Russian Navy "The inveterate habit of insubordination of the seamen of the Western Ports, reduced almost to naughtall the ...

Some Mutual Relations Of Gunnery And Tactics

By Captain Ralph Earle, U. S. Navy
June 1922
SOME MUTUAL RELATIONS OF GUNNERY AND TACTICSBy Captain Ralph Earle, U. S. Navy "Damn the torpedoes," said Farragut, "Four bells, Captain Drayton, go ahead! Jouett, full speed!"—Mobile Bay, 5 August, ...

The Supply Corps School Of Application

By Lieutenant Commander K. C. McIntosh, S. C., U. S. N
June 1922
THE SUPPLY CORPS SCHOOL OF APPLICATIONBy Lieutenant Commander K. C. McIntosh, S. C, U. S. N. The beginning of the fiscal year 1922 saw the start of an enterprise which ...

Maintaining Youth. In Service

By Walter Aamold
June 1922
MAINTAINING YOUTH IN SERVICEBy Walter Aamold, Department of Physical Training, U. S. Naval Academy Strange enough—it was a mariner, Ponce de Leon, who first worked up the idea of maintaining ...

Approach Omnimeter

By Lieut. Commander S. E. Bray, U. S. Navy
June 1922
CONSTRUCTION The instrument consists of two discs and a pointer. The outer or larger disc is constructed by laying off the logs of numbers from one to one hundred around ...

A Program For Naval History

By Captain J. M. Scammell, Inf. R. C., U. S. Army
June 1922
A PROGRAM FOR NAVAL HISTORYBy Captain J. M. Scammell, Inf. R. C, U.S. Army, Technical Assistant, U.S. Naval War College List of Works and Articles Consulted Naval and Military Essays—Cambridge ...

The Navy And Business

By Admiral Robert E. Coontz
June 1922
THE NAVY AND BUSINESS An Address by Admiral Robert E. Coontz, Chief of Naval Operations, to the National Association of Manufacturers at the Waldorf, New York City, May 9, 1922 ...


June 1922
DISCUSSION Co-ordination in Army and Navy Training(See Page 593, Whole No. 230.) Captain Ridley McLean, U. S. Navy.—We are all prone to deal in generalities, and any officer who reads ...

Professional Notes

Prepared By Lieutenant R. A. Hall, U. S. Navy
June 1922
PROFESSIONAL NOTES Prepared by Lieutenant R. A. Hall, U. S. Navy FRANCE Naval Construction.—After undergoing several modifications since its introduction two years ago, the programme of naval construction, providing for ...

Notes On International Affairs

Prepared By Allen Westcott, Professor, U. S. Naval Academy
June 1922
NOTES ON INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS FROM APRIL 5 TO MAY 5Prepared by Allan Westcott, Professor, U. S. Naval Academy WORK OF GENOA CONFERENCE Conference Organized.—The Genoa Economic Conference opened on April ...

Book Reviews

June 1922
REVIEW OF BOOKSTHE MARINES HAVE ADVANCED, by Lieutenant-Colonel Charles Bishop, Jr. Published in 192 1 by the Penn Publishing Company. Price, $1.75. This is a story for young men and ...

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