The High Sea Fleet At Jutland

By Lieut. Commander H. H. Frost, U. S. Navy
November 1920
THE HIGH SEA FLEET AT JUTLAND By Lieut. Commander H.H. Frost, U. S. Navy The North Sea mist on 31 May, 1916, concealed the movements of the High Sea Fleet ...

The Role Of The Line

By Lieut. Commander F. S. Craven, U. S Navy
November 1920
THE ROLE OF THE LINE By Lieut. Commander F.S. Craven, U. S. Navy 1. The activities of the navy are many, but they all should proceed with but a single ...

New Methods of Exterior Ballistic Computation

By Lieut. Commander A. G. Kirk, U. S. Navy
November 1920
*This article was originally prepared for the midshipmen at the Naval Academy; permission to print it has been kindly granted by Commander A. P. Fairfield, U. S. N„ head of ...

Using An Old Wrinkle

By Commander C. N. Hinkamp, U. S. Navy
November 1920
USING AN OLD WRINKLE By Commander C.N. Hinkamp, U.S. Navy While engaged in mine sweeping on the French coast, in waters where the currents are strong it became necessary to ...

The British Blockade And American Precedent

By Julius W. Pratt
November 1920
THE BRITISH BLOCKADE AND AMERICAN PRECEDENT By Julius W. Pratt In one vital respect the British and Allied blockade in the World War differed from all previous blockades. Whereas other ...

Trans-Pacific Communication

By Lieut. Commander Frank Luckel, U. S. Navy
November 1920
TRANS-PACIFIC COMMUNICATION By Lieut. Commander Frank Luckel, U. S. Navy It may be stated that the development of trans-oceanic cable and radio communication goes hand in hand with the development ...

Discussion, Accuracy Of Fire At Long Ranges

By Captain W. P. Cronan, U. S. Navy
November 1920
DISCUSSION Accuracy of Fire at Long Ranges (See Page 1175, Whole No. 210) Reference: (a) "Retrospect upon Japan-Russia War," Mahan, 1906 Captain W.P. Cronan, U. S. Navy.—Captain Chase has done ...

Professional Notes

Prepared By Lieut. Commander H. W. Underwood, U. S. Navy
November 1920
PROFESSIONAL NOTES Prepared by Lieut. Commander H.W. Underwood, U. S. Navy FRANCE Lessons of the War.—A French Admiral's Views?—In presenting Admiral Daveluy's opinions in a condensed form I have tried ...

Notes On International Affairs

Prepared By Allen Westcott, Professor, U. S. Naval Academy
November 1920
NOTES ON INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS FROM SEPTEMBER 10 TO OCTOBER 10 Prepared by Allan Westcott, U. S. Naval Academy POLAND AND RUSSIA Russo-Polish Armistice Signed.—On October 5 the Russian and Polish ...

Review Of Books

November 1920
REVIEW OF BOOKS "Boys' Book of Sea Fights." By Chelsea Curtis Frazer. Illustrate 3.20 pages. (Published by Thomas Y. Crowell Company.) An interesting, non-technical account of some of the important ...

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