Possibilities of a Trans-Pacific Flight

By Commander G. C. Westervelt (C. C.), U. S. Navy, and H. B. Sanford, Aeronautical Engineer, Naval Aircraft Factory
May 1920
At 9 o'clock in the evening of May 27, 1919, the NC-4, the giant flying boat of the United States Navy, landed at Lisbon, Portugal, completing the last lap of ...

A Navy Yard in War Time

By Commander I. I. Yates (C. C.), U. S. Navy
May 1920
Numerous articles have been published on the. expansion of the army and navy during the Great War, but it is believed that details of the increased pressure brought on one ...

That Reminds Me

By Captain Lyman A. Cotten, U. S. Navy
May 1920
Of course, we all know that one thing leads to another, and the telling of a good story is apt to he followed by “ That reminds me.” The fact ...

Notes on International Affairs

Prepared by Allan Westcott, Associate Professor, U. S. Naval Academy
May 1920
FROM MARCH 15 TO APRIL 10PEACE RESOLUTION ADOPTED BY HOUSE On April 9 the U. S. House of Representatives, by nearly a two-thirds vote—242 t-o 150—adopted a joint resolution declaring ...

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