Proceedings Magazine - June 1920 Vol. 46/6/208

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Although there has never been a time among warring peoples when they have not known the advantage of a surprise...



  • A Suitable Tomb for John Paul Jones
    By Lieutenant Wm. E. Malloy, U. S. Navy

    To those who know Annapolis, the chapel of the U. S. Naval Academy is a familiar landmark. Comparatively few of these know that it holds the tomb of John Paul Jones, the greatest of our sea-fighters, and fewer still have ever visited his tomb....

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  • American Submarine Operations in the War
    By Carroll Storrs Alden, PH. D., Professor of English, U. S. Naval Academy

    Although there has never been a time among warring peoples when they have not known the advantage of a surprise attack, no other fighting craft has been governed...

  • Radio Compasses
    By Lieut. Commander J. B. Will, U. S. Navy

    The number of questions asked the writer by officers of all ranks on the subject of radio compasses leads to the belief that a non-technical discussion of them may prove of interest to the service.

  • A Rational Amendment to Present Methods of Promotion and Elimination
    By Commander J. O. Fisher, U. S. Navy

    Motto:        The principal spring from which the actions of men take

    their rise, the rule they conduct by, and the end to which they direct them, seems to be credit and reputation, and that which at any...

  • Boresighting Submarine Torpedo Tubes
    By Lieut. Commander Donald Royce, Construction Corps, U.S. Navy

    The boresighting of artillery is generally well known and practised by military people; in fact, the theory and practise of this process are injected fairly thoroughly into the midshipmen at the Naval Academy. But although submarine torpedo tubes...

  • The Air Detachment
    By Commander D. E. Cummings, U. S. Navy

    At Guantanamo last winter an orderly reported to the captain of a battleship, “Sir, three seaplanes stood in and anchored.’’ The captain looked his scorn, and sent the orderly back to the officer of the deck to see what the...

  • "Them Haly-Con Days"
    By Captain F. B. Upham, U. S. Navy

    “Them was the good old days,” when the quarterdeck was so sacred that a steerage officer set foot upon it only when, in port, he was suffered to relieve the officer of the deck for meals—said officer of the deck deliberately...

  • Discussion: Navy Yard Administration as a Problem in Industrial Engineering

    (See Page 509, Whole No. 206)

    Captain E. L. Beach, U. S. Navy.—In reading this paper, if one were not acquainted with navy yard administration and work, and results of the same, he might judge that the...

  • Professional Notes
    Prepared By Lieut. Commander Wallace L. Lind, U. S. Navy
  • Notes on International Affairs
    Prepared by Allan Westcott, Associate Professor, U. S. Naval Academy



  • Review of Books on Subjects of Professional Interest

    "Memories and Records.” By Lord Fisher, Admiral of the Fleet. (Pub­lished- by George H. Doran Company.)

    These two astonishing volumes reveal one of the most remarkable per­sonalities which the British Navy has ever...

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