Proceedings Magazine - April 1920 Vol. 46/4/206

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"Electric Oscillations and Waves." By George W. Pierce, Ph. D., Professor of Physics in Harvard University. 486 pages, with appendix and tables of Relations of Capacity-Inductance...



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  • Review of Books on Subjects of Professional Interest

    "Electric Oscillations and Waves." By George W. Pierce, Ph. D., Professor of Physics in Harvard University. 486 pages, with appendix and tables of Relations of Capacity-Inductance Product to Undamped Wave Length and Frequency of a...

  • Navy Yard Administration as a Problem in Industrial Engineering
    By Commander James Reed (C. C.), U. S. Navy
    1. Among those officers who have been condemned to spend their time and energies in shore establishments during the war, the one unanimously positive conclusion must be that there is some­thing radically wrong with our naval organization...
  • A Record in Destroyer Construction
    By Captain Henry Williams (C.C.), U. S. Navy

    A brass plate in the wardroom of the destroyer Reid bears the following inscription:

    “U.S.S. Reid”

  • War and Naval Engineering
    By Lieut. Commander V. N. Bieg, U. S. Navy

    In an effort to stimulate discussion, the writer has set forth certain points in connection with naval engineering which were noted during destroyer service in the war just ended. Considera­tion of this subject should be most profitable while...

  • The Use of Altitude and Azimuth Tables for the Obtaining of Lines of Position, Identification of Stars and Great Circle Course
    By Abner B. Clements

    The Altitude and Azimuth Table, Table VI of H. O. 200, is a spherical traverse table, or table of right spheric triangles, and since right spheric triangles can be solved by Napier’s rules, which are not subject to the same limitations as...

  • Disposition to Be Made of Neutral Vessels and Their Cargoes Which May in Time of War Be Seized and Sent in to an Advanced Base
    By Commander Raymond Stone, U. S. Navy

    During the World War, while our country was yet neutral, the question indicated in the title subject was one of the many which came up for consideration and determination. By expression or implication it recognizes two factors ; first, that...

  • Tide Diagram
    By Lieutenant Albert E. Schrader, U. S. Navy

    Some time ago while the writer was serving aboard the Dorsey, in Adriatic waters, he had the opportunity of using a tide graph similar to the one attached.

    The Italian Hydrographic Office prints these graphs monthly for their principal...

  • The Influence of Sea Power on Civilization
    By Sidney Gunn, Curator, U. S. Naval Academy

    The influence of sea power on history has been discussed by Admiral Mahan and many other writers, so that its decisive effect on numerous occasions has been pointed out, but the debt that civilization owes to seamen has not yet been fully...

  • Manila Bay in 1898
    By Captain Edward L. Beach, U. S. Navy

    Recently I have read journals and letters I wrote in 1898 while attached to the U. S. S. Baltimore in Manila Bay. The events of those stirring days come vividly to mind and are fresh in memory as if they had happened yesterday. What...

  • Discussion: Did The "Cyclops" Turn Turtle?

    (See Page 55, Whole No. 203)

    Commander I. I. Yates, C. C, U. S. Navy.—1. In an article entitled “Did the Cyclops Turn Turtle?” in the U. S. Naval Institute Proceed­ings for January, 1920, Lieut....

  • Professional Notes
    Prepared By Lieut. Commander Wallace L. Lind, U. S. Navy
  • Notes on International Affairs
    Prepared by Allan Westcott, Associate Professor, U. S. Naval Academy



    President Wilson Against Plan of Jan. 14.—In a vigorous note to France and Great Britain President Wilson on Feb. 10...


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