A Description of the Battle of Jutland

Lieut. Commander Holloway H. Frost
November 1919
Motto: "Indoctrination makes effective co-ordination possible. Effective co-ordination makes concentration possible. Effective concentration combined with the spirit of the offensive makes victory probable." —Captain C. T. Vogelcesang, U. S. Navy. ...

The Freedom of the Seas

Admiral Sir Reginald Custance
November 1919
When the secretary to the society did me the honor to suggest reading a paper on the Freedom of the Seas, I was reluctant to do so until it occurred ...

Mining Operations in the War

Lieut. Commander Norman Van der Veer
November 1919
From the very beginning of the war, Germany adopted a policy, and vigorously pursued a campaign of mine laying in the vicinity of the English coast; apparently she lost no ...

The Study of Naval History

Associate Professor H. J. Fenton
November 1919
Mahan says that the study of history is not theoretical but practical because it ends, not in speculation, but in action. If this be true of history in general, it ...

The Economic Development of Guam

Captain Roy C. Smith
November 1919
Periodically there appears in the pages of the Proceedings an article on the possibilities of Guam. One of the last, and a most interesting and valuable article, was by Paymaster ...

Chart Study and Preparation

Lieut. Commander R. R. Mann
November 1919
Officers spend much time in perfecting themselves in deep sea navigation where the ship is not endangered, but do not always acquire the maximum knowledge available before piloting into port ...

Professional Notes

Prepared By Lieut. Commander Wallace L. Lind, U. S. Navy
November 1919
France The French Battleships.—At the beginning of the war there were five battleships on the stocks in France, all of the same type with a displacement of 25,200 tons and ...

Diplomatic Notes

Prepared By A. F. Westcott, Ph. D., Instructor, U. S. Naval Academy
November 1919
RATIFICATION OF THE PEACE TREATY French Chambers Ratify Treaty.—Following the ratification of the Peace Treaty by the French Chamber of Deputies, the French Senate opened debate on the treaty October ...

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