The Battle Cruiser

By Commander E. F. Eggert, C. C., U. S. Navy
May 1919
A great desideratum in building up a fighting fleet is economy in the expenditure of money and men. It is hardly to be expected that all such expenditures could be ...

The Torpedoplane: The New Weapon which Promises to Revolutionize Naval Tactics

By Henry Woodhouse, Author of The Text-Book Of Military Aeronautics, The Text-Book of Naval Aeronautics, The Aircraft's Part in Beating the U-Boat, Vice President of the Aerial League of America, etc.
May 1919
"Among many new devices which the armistice prevented the Royal Air Force from putting into use against the enemy was the torpedo-aeroplane. It is considered to be of even greater ...

Electric Chlorine Indicator

By Lieut. Commander P. V. H. Weems, U. S. Navy
May 1919
The navy standard water testing outfit has been indispensable, yet if an electric indicator could be sufficiently developed to do the work of the former, there would be considerable saving ...

The United States Naval Proving Grounds

By Lieut. Commander C. L. Lothrop, Jr., U. S. Navy
May 1919
Purpose.—Many of the younger officers of the service are unfamiliar with either theory or practice at the Naval Proving Grounds, and this paper is presented with the intention of ...

Putting 'Em Across

By Lieut. Commander K. C. Mcintosh, P. C , U. S. Navy
May 1919
"Can you whack her up to fifteen?" asked Moorshead. A thin cough ran up the speaking tube. "I think so, sir, but I would prefer to have the engine-room hatches ...

Diplomatic Notes

Prepared By Allan Westcott, Associate Professor, U. S. Naval Academy
May 1919
FROM MARCH 20 TO APRIL 20PEACE TREATY READY FOR GERMANY FOUR PREMIERS ACT ALONE.—On March 24 it was announced that the so-called "Council of Ten" of the Peace Conference ...

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