By Lieut. Commander K. C. Mcintosh, Pay Corps, U. S. Navy
January 1919
Motto: "The burnt child dreads the fire." I. The Locked Door Some people call it luck, and some people call it providence and still others absorb all the credit to ...

Some Exploits Of The Old Dutch Navy

By Lieutenant H. H. Frost, U. S. Navy
January 1919
To-day we are fighting what we confidently believe to be the last battle in Europe against autocracy and tyranny. A little over 300 years ago the first great battle in ...

A "Wrinkle" to Save Time in Navigation

By Commander F. D. Pryor, U. S. Navy
January 1919
When one must work in a sweat box, such as a chart house becomes when the ship is darkened, any method that shortens the work at that time is most ...

Reckless Readings Of A Naval Officer

By Captain David Potter, Pay Corps, U. S. Navy
January 1919
If to enjoy literature it is necessary to be master of critiques, then we are without privilege to speak of it. If real belles lettres are the only sort worthy ...

Accurate Trajectories By Mechanical Integration

By Captain E. F. Eggert, Construction Corps, U. S. Navy
January 1919
The problem of exterior ballistics, as it was left by Ingalls and Alger, had developed to the point where satisfactory accordance was obtained up to ranges that were fairly long. ...

Professional Notes

Prepared By Lieutenant W. B. Jupp, U. S. Navy
January 1919
GERMANY "Der Tag."—German Fleet’s Surrender.—The first and main installment of the German High Sea Fleet surrendered to Admiral Sir David Beatty, the Commander-in-Chief of the Grand Fleet, off the Firth ...

Diplomatic Notes

Prepared By A. F. Westcott, Ph. D., Instructor, U. S. Naval Academy
January 1919
From November 20 to December 20 PRESIDENT WILSON IN PARIS American Peace Delegates Chosen.—On November 27 it was announced that the American delegation to the peace conference would be as ...

Review Of Books

January 1919
"The Cradle of the War: The Near East and Pan-Germanism." By H. Charles Woods, F. R. G. S., Lecturer before the Lowell Institute (1917-1918). 357 pages. $2.50 net. (Boston: Little, ...

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