Our Post-War Mission

Captain D. W. Knox
August 1919
There is an ancient Chinese proverb, born out of countless ages of human experience, which says "Though all the world be at peace, if the art of war be forgot ...

Letters on Staff Duty

Lieut. Commander Holloway H. Frost
August 1919
Motto: 1. No commander can be successful whose time is occupied with administrative details. 2. Proper delegation of initiative to subordinates is the secret of successful command. E. A. Anderson. ...

The Navy's First Airships

Commander J. C. Hunsaker
August 1919
During the summer of 1916, German submarine activities made it very, clear that the pre-war methods of coping with such craft were astonishingly ineffective. It did not then appear that ...

Trajectories and Their Corrections

By Lieut. Commander A. G. Kirk, U.S. Navy
August 1919
In the Naval Institute issue for January, 1919, whole No. 191, is published an article by Captain E. F. Eggert, Construction Corps, U. S. Navy, descriptive of a method of ...


August 1919
The Torpedoplane (SEE PAGE 743, WHOLE No. 195) REAR ADMIRAL RALPH EARLE, U. S. Navy.—The general impression that will be gathered by those reading the interesting paper by Mr. Henry ...

Professional Notes

Prepared By Lieut. Commander Wallace L. Lind, U. S. Navy
August 1919
This complete issue of Proceedings is provided for your use in its original format only at this time. The editorial team is currently reviewing the text version for possible errors ...

Diplomatic Notes

Prepared By A. F. Westcott, Ph. D., Instructor, U. S. Naval Academy
August 1919
GERMANY RATIFIES PEACE TREATY German Assembly Votes to Sign Treaty.—On Sunday, June 22, the German National Assembly voted 237 to 138 to sign the Peace Treaty, but without accepting the ...

The Roosevelt Memorial

By Rear Admiral Bradley A. Fiske, U. S. Navy
August 1919
THE ROOSEVELT MEMORIAL By Rear Admiral Bradley A. Fiske, U.S. Navy As we look back through the long corridor of history and see the countless millions crowded there, a very ...

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