Proceedings Magazine - October 1919 Vol. 45/10/200

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It is doubtful if among its sins of omission and commission the United States has any that is more glaring from a naval point of view than its neglect to provide in time of peace sufficient...



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  • Officer Personnel of the Navy
    Captain Harris Laning

    It is doubtful if among its sins of omission and commission the United States has any that is more glaring from a naval point of view than its neglect to provide in time of peace sufficient properly trained personnel to man and operate its fleets...

  • The Volunteer Navy in the Civil War

    On account of the emergency created by the great rebellion of 1861, a large increase in the number of officers of the navy became absolutely necessary. The number of vessels in the navy, of all kinds, on March 4, 1861, was 76; the number...

  • Ship "Bethel"
    T. G. Frothingham

    To show the enterprising spirit of the American Colonial Merchant

    Marine, the cradle of the U. S. Navy, the following is of



    The Boston "Evening Post" printed August 29, 1748, by T.


  • "U.S.C.N."
    Lieut. Commander K. C. McIntosh

    That's a hundred and fifty thousand dollars in his vest pocket if he knows how to use it…No, I didn't tell him the money value—he'd send his valet to find out.—The Captive, Kipling.


  • Automatic Guns
    First Lieutenant King H. Young

    Among those not intimately connected with their manufacture or use there has long been a marked inability to differentiate between the various types of automatic guns. To the lay mind any self-operated weapon firing rifle ammunition is a machine...

  • The Elimination of Coupling Troubles in Main Shafting
    Lieut. commander J. K. Esler

    1. Continuous operation, or almost continuous operation of machinery at designed full power for any length of time is almost certain to disclose defects or weak parts of that machinery. Naval vessels, and many others as well, were subjected to...

  • A Wrinkle in Tactics
    By Lieut. Commander R. F. Wood, U. S. Navy

    1. Among the maneuvers most frequently encountered is that wherein the line of bearing of ships is altered.


    2. It is well known that if you are the leading ship in column and are ordered to take position on the bow of a ship...

  • Model Making
    Commander C. S. McDowell



    It is probable that many officers in the navy have, while in London lately, seen the races, on Sunday, of model yachts in Hyde Park and investigated the subject sufficiently to discover...

  • Responsibilities and Duties of Naval Officers of the United States in Educating and Informing the Public on Professional Matters
    Lieut. Commander V. N. Bieg

    The suggestion by the Board of Control of the Institute that an article be written on the above subject would seem to be exceedingly timely just now, when public opinion is aroused in military matters and there are so many questions of a military...

  • Discussion

    A Few Notes On Alternating Current


    (SEE PAGE 1171, WHOLE No. 197)




  • Professional Notes
    Prepared By Lieut. Commander Wallace L. Lind, U. S. Navy



    Rebuilding France's Merchant Marine.—On August 5 the French Cabinet authorized M. L. Klotz, the Minister of Finance, to introduce a bill in the Chamber of Deputies granting 1,830...

  • Diplomatic Notes
    Prepared By A. F. Westcott, Ph. D., Instructor, U. S. Naval Academy




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