Our Heritage From Paul Jones

By Lieutenant Holloway H. Frost, U. S. Navy
October 1918
I. INTRODUCTION History plays queer tricks! How many heroes has it forgotten? How many details of no importance has it magnified so they are known by every schoolboy? It has ...

A Diary on the Blockade in 1863

By Charles A. Post
October 1918
While engaged in destroying some old papers I came upon a diary, kept by me, upon the blockade off Wilmington in 1863. With the diary was an old bundle of ...

Sumner Line by Time-Sight Reduction

By Malcolm McNeill, Professor of Mathematics and Astronomy, Lake Forest College
October 1918
The writer hesitates to add another to the already considerable number of methods of determining the Sumner line; but the method proposed seems to offer several advantages in the matter ...

International Notes : Naval War Notes

By Lieutenant W. B. Jupp, U. S. Navy
October 1918
These articles have been taken from various periodicals and newspapers. The Institute has not at any time had any official means of confirming them or establishing their accuracy, and they ...

International Notes: Diplomatic Notes

Prepared By A. F. Westcott, Ph. D., Instructor, U. S. Naval Academy
October 1918
FROM AUGUST 20 TO SEPTEMBER 20ENEMY EAGER TO SAVE SPOILS BY PEACEAUSTRIA'S BID FOR NEGOTIATIONS.—On September 15 the Austrian Government made public a Note sent to all warring powers ...

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