Proceedings Magazine - November 1918 Vol. 44/11/189


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  • Some Reflections On The Three Factors Of Battleship Design
    By Beirne Saunders Bullard, Assistant Naval Constructor, U. S. Navy

    I. Introductory


  • The Crime of the Colleges
    By Medical Inspector J. S. Taylor, U. S. Navy

    In October, 1914, I had a few hours between trains in Rugby and, of course, spent them in visiting the great public school where Tom Brown and East and little Arthur toasted cheese, tormented gamekeepers, played at hare and hounds and...

  • A Diary On The Blockade In 1863 (Continued)
    By Charles A. Post

    April 21st. In the morning a new gunboat, the Penobscot, joined the squadron. Chased two vessels this morning. Of course, one was the brig Perry!


  • Two Astronomical Formulas
    By Lieutenant Charles Porta, U.S. N. R. F.

    (1) Finding the Altitude of a Planet at a Given Time; Thence the Longitude by Same


    I must say that there are tables by means of which the altitude of a celestial body can be obtained, using as the known data...

  • Log Chip For A Sea Horizon In Fog
    By Lieutenant A. B. Clements, U. S. N. R. F.

    I have recently heard a good deal of discussion of various devices for obtaining the sun's altitude at sea in a fog, when, as is often the case, the sun is plainly visible overhead, but the horizon wholly obscured by the fog. So far as I am...

  • A "Bowditch" Course In Navigation
    By Commander Paul P. Blackburn, U. S. Navy

    The war, with its consequent expansion of the navy and the American merchant marine, has increased enormously the number of people studying navigation. A flood of new text-books has followed this increase in the number of students; a few of these...

  • Minutes Of The Annual Meeting, 1918
  • Professional Notes
    Prepared by Lieutenant W. B. Jupp, U. S. Navy



    Argentine Will Increase Navy.—President Irigoyen of the Argentine Republic has asked the Argentine Congress to appropriate $80,000,000 for cruisers, submarines and hydroplanes....

  • International Notes: Naval War Notes
    Prepared by Lieutenant W. B. Jupp, U. S. Navy

    These articles have been taken from various periodicals and newspapers. The Institute has not at any time had any official means of confirming them or establishing their accuracy, and they have been incorporated for what they are worth.


  • International Notes: Diplomatic Notes
    Prepared By Allan Westcott, Ph. D., Instructor, U. S. Naval Academy

    From September 20 to October 20



    Germany Approaches President Wilson.—The German Chancellor, Prince Maximilian of Baden, on October 6 addressed to...

  • Review Of Books
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