Proceedings Magazine - November 1917 Vol. 43/11/177

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Every sense has its pleasurable side. Sight loves beauty. Hearing revels in music. For touch there is sensuous softness and smoothness....



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  • Arctic Duty with the Crocker Land Expedition (Continued)
    By Lieutenant Fitzhugh Green, U. S. Navy


    Every sense has its pleasurable side. Sight loves beauty. Hearing revels in music. For touch there is sensuous softness and smoothness. Taste may run the gamut of all edibles. When life...

  • The Navy Yard Spirit
    By Naval Constructor C. W. Fisher, U. S. Navy

    1. The importance of efficiency in navy yard industrial work is evident. The speed, excellence and economy with which work on vessels of the fleet is accomplished has a direct bearing on the readiness of the navy for war. Proper facilities for...

  • What Happens in an Audion
    By Lieutenant J. B. Will, U. S. Navy

    In order to understand something of the physical characteristics and action of an audion or similar device, it is necessary to know something of the electron theory, as now commonly accepted. A brief review of this theory is therefore given....

  • Amusing Fifty Thousand Men: Another Opportunity for Government Control
    By Lieutenant Fitzhugh Green, U. S. Navy

    We have entered an era of unprecedented military activity. End of the war will by no means assure the consummation of its aim. We may stop only for a second wind. Compulsory military education shall be found necessary. The navy we now call...

  • Altitude, Azimuth and Hour-Angle Diagram
    By G. W. Littlehales

    It may not have been generally noticed that, in connection with the treatment of the Sumner line in the edition of the American Practical Navigator published in 1914 by the Hydrographic Office, a formula for finding the zenith-distance...

  • An Instantaneous Dead Reckoner
    By Lieutenant Alfred G. Zimermann, U. S. Navy

    The object of this contrivance, which may be termed a circular traverse table, is (a) to furnish a ready means of obtaining "distance run" when going at various speeds for odd minutes of an hour (such as between sights or bearings) and...

  • The Moon in Navigation
    By Commander H. G. Sparrow, U. S. Navy

    Recently there have come to the writer's notice such peculiar and wrong conceptions of the value of observations of the moon for navigational purposes, held both by young officers and some of fairly mature experience, that he feels compelled...

  • Notes on Ship Handling
    By Captain G. H. Burrage, U. S. Navy

    A Method Of Finding The Course From One Relative Position To Another, Knowing The Course And Speed Of The Guide, Using Martin's Mooring Board



    It is required to...

  • Course in Marine Engineering for Reserve Officers
    By Commander G. J. Meyers, U. S. Navy

    The Department of Marine Engineering and Naval Construction at the United States Naval Academy undertook the task of establishing a summer course in marine engineering for the reserve officers undergoing a 10 weeks' period of intensive...

  • Discussion: Altitude, Azimuth and Hour-Angle Diagram

    (SEE PACE 2541, WHOLE No. 177)


    COMMANDER E. B. FENNER, U. S. Navy.—1. From the navigational point of view the graphic method is perfectly correct and very convenient but exceedingly inaccurate on a...

  • Minutes Of The Annual Meeting, 1917
  • Secretary's Notes
  • Professional Notes
    Prepared By Lieutenant I. C. Kidd, U. S. Navy
  • International Notes: Naval War Notes
    Prepared By Lieutenant I. C. Kidd, U. S. Navy



  • International Notes: Diplomatic Notes
    Prepared By A. F. Westcott, Ph. D., Instructor, U. S. Naval Academy





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