Proceedings Magazine - October 1917 Vol. 43/10/176


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  • Arctic Duty with the Crocker Land Expedition (Continued)
    By Lieutenant Fitzhugh Green, U. S. Navy



  • Sources of Supply of Nitrogen Compounds for Explosives and Fertilizers
    By Rear Admiral Ralph Earle. U. S. Navy

    The value of nitrogen in its various forms, both in peace and in war, to the life of a nation cannot be estimated in words, the maintenance of a source of supply that will be uninterrupted being absolutely essential to national existence.

  • The Situation and Organization
    By Major G. C. Thorpe, U. S. M. C.

    The "estimate of the situation" is a process of reasoning whereby a decision is reached as to the answer to the question, "How shall the thing be done?" It is as applicable to tactics as to strategy; as applicable to policy or...

  • The Pioneer "Ironclad"
    By James Morris Morgan, Aide De Camp Of Commodore Hollins, C. S. N.

    Most people generally prefer to gather their historical lore from popular rumor rather than to laboriously search official records for their facts.

  • William Chauvenet
    By Professor W. Woolsey Johnson

    *An address delivered before The Chauvenet Club, U. S. Naval Academy, Annapolis, Maryland.

  • Secretary's Notes
  • Professional Notes
    Prepared By Lieutenant I. C. Kidd, U. S. Navy
  • International Notes: Naval War Notes
    Prepared By Lieutenant I. C. Kidd, U. S. Navy



    DIGGING-OUT TACTICS, by Percival A. Hislam in the London Magazine.—It used to be a favorite saying among the naval writers before the war that "the frontiers of the British fleet...

  • International Notes: Diplomatic Notes
    Prepared By A. F. Westcott, Ph. D., Instructor, U. S. Naval Academy



    PRESIDENT WILSON'S REPLY TO THE POPE.—In a note made public August 29, President Wilson rejected the Pope's proposal for peace negotiations made in...

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