Proceedings Magazine - January-February 1915 Vol. 41/1/155

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October 10, 1914, marks the centenary of an obscure sea-fight in the War of 1812 which deserves better than its present fate of being forgotten. This was the encounter between the American...



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  • The Action Between the Prince of Neufchatel and the Endymion
    By Professor William O. Stevens, U. S. Naval Academy

    October 10, 1914, marks the centenary of an obscure sea-fight in the War of 1812 which deserves better than its present fate of being forgotten. This was the encounter between the American privateer Prince of Neufchatel and a boat expedition from...

  • Alfred Thayer Mahan: In Memoriam

    To very few has it been given so to influence the current of men's thoughts as vitally to affect human development and even to shape the course of history itself. The dominance of the Aristotelian philosophy in the intellectual world of...

  • The Ships of the United States Navy
    By Robert W. Neeser



  • The United States Navy in Mexico 1821-1914
    By Louis N. Feipel



    Ever since the Spanish-American colonies wrested their independence from the mother country in the early decades of the 19th...

  • Four Capitals in War Time: The Hague, Rome, London, Paris
    By Lieutenant T. S. Wilkinson, U. S. Navy

    During the early stages of the present vast war, the writer was fortunate enough to visit these four European capitals, two of countries neutral to the struggle, two of belligerent nations. Such superficial impressions as could be obtained of the...

  • Some Thoughts on Our Lack of a Naval Policy
    By Major Henry C. Davis, U. S. Marine Corps

    Upon the arrival of the battalion, of which I am a member, in Guam, there were many conjectures as to the purpose of the Department in moving us from Olongapo and, I think, uppermost in the minds of many of the officers of the battalion was the...

  • The Effectiveness of Skill
    By Rear Admiral Bradley A. Fiske, U. S. Navy

    So great is the effectiveness of modern ships and guns and engines and torpedoes, when used with perfect skill, that we tend unconsciously to assume the perfect skill, and think of naval power in terms of material units only. Yet daily life is...

  • Meteorology
    By Ensign, L. R. Ford, U. S. Navy

    *An essay delivered before the Postgraduate Department, U. S. Naval Academy.

    Since all meteorological phenomena are caused, directly or indirectly, by the action of heat, a consideration of the science of meteorology follows naturally a...

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  • On the Employment of Torpedo Vessels in Night Search
    By Commander L. Vannutelli, Royal Italian Navy; Translated by Lieut. Commander W. N. Jeffers, U. S. Navy

    (Rivista Marittima, August, 1914)

    In a former article, I attempted to lay down some of the fundamental principles governing the tactical employment of torpedo craft. The welcome accorded this article has induced...

  • The Navy's Participation at the Panama-Pacific International Exposition
    By Lieut. Commander C. H. Woodward, U. S. Navy

    In July President Woodrow Wilson, seated at his desk in the White House, will press the button which will officially open the Panama-Pacific International Exposition in San Francisco, three thousand miles distant.

  • Discussion: Can the Graduation of the Compass Into Points Be Dispensed With?

    (SEE PAGE 1659, WHOLE No. 154, NOVEMBER-DECEMBER, 1914)

    COMMANDER W. V. PRATT, U. S. Navy.—Prof. Maurer's article in the November-December, 1914, PROCEEDINGS, "Can the Graduation of the Compass into Points be Dispensed with...

  • Extracts From Mahan's Naval Strategy (1911)
    By Lieutenant W. T. Lightle, U. S. Navy


    4.         Introductory—

                . . . . ancient strategic principle of the value of interior lines.


  • Professional Notes
    Prepared By Lieutenant C. C. Gill, U. S. Navy

    This complete issue of Proceedings is provided for your use in its original format only at this time.  The editorial team is currently reviewing the text version for possible errors introduced during the OCR phase of our...

  • The Submarine and the Future
    By Ensign V. N. Bieg

    The great European conflict now raging has even in its present short duration demonstrated incontestably the value of the submarine as a defensive and offensive weapon of war.

    Admiral Sir Percy Scott has gone so far as to declare that the...

  • Ships' Libraries
    By Lieut. Commander Thos. D. Parker, U. S. Navy

    Really efficient people, it is said, always find time to do things. It is therefore assumed that the busiest executive or battery officer can snatch from the jaws of routine a few hours for mental recreation, general culture, and professional...

  • European War Notes
    Compiled By Lieutenant C. C. Gill, U. S. Navy


    The following letter refers to an excerpt printed on page 1554 of the September-October issue:


  • A New System of Sound Signals in Fog
    By Lieutenant E. J. Marquart, U. S. Navy

    It is generally conceded that nearly all collisions at sea would not have occurred had both vessels proceeded on their original courses without changing speed. In other words the trouble results from trying to avoid each other, when neither knows...

  • Theory of Similitude of Aerial Propellers, With a Practical Application to a Given Motor and Aeroplane
    By Assistant Naval Constructor J. C. Hunsaker, U. S. Navy


    The application of a propeller, which has been found satisfactory in service or on tests, to a new design, where its conditions of operation are not identical, is based on the theory of...

  • The Prevention of Graft in Officers' Messes
    By P. A. Paymaster Graham M. Adee, U. S. Navy

    With an experience of approximately four years as treasurer of wardroom messes aboard several ships, the writer has gained some insight into the financial working of officers' messes; and it is with an idea of distributing the information...

  • Diphenylamine
    By Lieutenant W. W. Bradley, U. S. Navy

    The writer acknowledges the timely criticisms made by Mr. G. W. Patterson while this article was being prepared.


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