Proceedings Magazine - November-December 1914 Vol. 40/6/154


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  • The British Naval Operations in the West Indies, 1650-1700: A Study in Naval Administration
    By Robert W. Neeser

    *Submitted in competition for prize essay, 1914, and accepted for publication.

  • The Operations Around Port Arthur Part I, Including the Third Attack: The Official Version of the Japanese General Staff
    Translated By Captain W. T. Hoadley, U. S. M. C.



  • A Scientific Administration of the Navy Ration
    By P. A. Paymaster D. B. Wainwright, Jr., U. S. Navy

    Whether we eat to live or live to eat, our diet is of great importance to us. In infancy and old age, mistakes in nutrition are quickly apparent and prove fatal if continued any length of time. Not so, however, in middle life. Constitutions of...

  • Une Chose A La Fois
    By Captain T. W. Kinkaid, U. S. Navy

    Within the past year naval officers have been invited to give their views on naval personnel to a committee of Congress. In this way, and also through the medium of articles and comments printed in the U. S. NAVAL INSTITUTE PROCEEDINGS, officers...

  • The Submarine Mine
    By Lieutenant J. N. Ferguson, U. S. Navy

    *This article was written before the outbreak of the present European war.

  • Timmons, Signal Quartermaster, U. S. Navy: A True Story of What Might Now Very Well Be Called the Old Navy
    By Pay Director J. A. Mudd, U. S. Navy (Retired)

    The editor of the U. S. NAVAL INSTITUTE PROCEEDINGS asks for "sea yarns." The answer should be a wealth of anecdote that would make a classic for future generations. But the response must come quickly or there may be none at all. This...

  • The Summer Cruise for Midshipmen of the Second Class
    By Lieutenant James 0. Richardson, U. S. Navy

    The plan of sending midshipmen of the first and second class to sea on board the battleships of the fleet during the summer months has now been tried for two summers, and opinion in the fleet should be fairly well crystallized as to the merits of...

  • Can the Graduation of the Compass into Points Be Dispensed With?
    By Prof. H. Maurer, Physicist of the Imperial German Navy Department; Translated by Louis N. Feipel



  • The Compilation of the Manual for Pay Officers Afloat
    By Paymaster G. P. Auld, U. S. Navy

    The scheme of the Manual for Pay Officers Afloat differs from that of most of the regulation and instruction books heretofore issued by the military services. This departure from accepted forms extends to arrangement of the subject-matter and...

  • Aeroplane Design
    By Assistant Naval Constructor J. C. Hunsaker, U. S. Navy

    It has now come to be recognized that the design of aeroplanes can be based upon the information supplied by tests made with reduced models in an artificial current of air. Such tests determine the coefficients to be used in certain fundamental...

  • Discussion: Tamanend Vs. Tecumseh

    (SEE PAGE 721, WHOLE NO. 151, MAY-JUNE, 1914)



    COMMANDER W. C. COLE, U. S. Navy.—In 1893, Commodore R. G. Denig, retired, published an article in the Cosmopolitan Magazine...

  • European War Notes
    Compiled By Lieutenant C. C. Gill, U. S. Navy









  • Radio Activity
    By Ensign L. R. Ford, U. S. Navy

    *An essay delivered before the Post Graduate Department, U. S. Naval Academy.

  • Professional Notes
    Prepared By Lieutenant C. C. Gill, U. S. Navy

    This complete issue of Proceedings is provided for your use in its original format only at this time.  The editorial team is currently reviewing the text version for possible errors introduced during the OCR phase of our...

  • Correct Form and Position and Aiming Drills
    By Captain D. C. Mcdougal, U. S. M. C.



  • The Torpedo on Capital Ships
    By Romeo Bernotti; Translated by Lieutenant Thomas Withers, Jr., U. S. Navy

    (From Rivista Marittima of September, 1913)

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