Naval Power

Rear-Admiral Bradley A. Fiske
September 1911
Motto: "Sleepers, Wake." Note.—The enormous increase in the power of navies that has taken place within the past ten years, with the corresponding relative decrease in the power ...

A Filing System for Naval Vessels

By Lieut. Paul Foley, U.S. Navy
September 1911
EDITOR'S NOTE.—This paper has been examined by the specialists of one of the leading filing firms in the United States, and the systems described pronounced by them to be in ...

A Review of Japanese Naval Financial Policy

Commodore W. H. Beehler
September 1911
The Period Before 1868 Commodore Perry's landing on July 14, 1853, convinced the Japanese that foreign demands could only be resisted by a navy. In 1854 the Shogun government decided ...

Recollections of the China War of 1860

Captain Arthur C. Hansard
September 1911
It is perhaps seldom remembered by the present generation that the occasion when Field Marshal Count Waldersee led a combined force to the relief of the embassies and consulates was ...

Future Development of the New York Navy Yard

Naval Constructor W. G. Groesbeck and Civil Engineer F. R. Harris
September 1911
1. The following plan of development or rehabilitation of the New York Navy Yard, is the result of study and consideration on our part, extending over very nearly one year, ...

The Fundamentals of Naval Tactics

By Lieutenant Romeo Bernotti, Italian Navy; Translated by Lieutenant H.P. McIntosh, U.S. Navy (Retired)
September 1911
INTRODUCTION. The study of naval tactics has for its object the employment of ships in battle. This does not mean that the field of such inquiry is limited simply to ...

American Privateers at Dunkerque

Henri Malo
September 1911
I In the month of February, 1778, about eight days after the signature of the treaty of the Franco-American alliance, Lamotte Picquet, who had just cleared the coasts of Gascony ...

A Note on Salvo Dispersion

By Ensign Garret Schuler, U.S. Navy
September 1911
As modern long-range salvo firing is of such comparatively recent origin, it is not surprising to find that in treatises on the accuracy and probability of gun-fire there is little ...

Checking-In With Special Reference To Ship Yards

By Asst. Naval Constructor R.D. Gatewood, U.S. Navy
September 1911
CHECKING-IN.WITH SPECIAL REFERENCE TO SHIP YARDS.By Asst. Naval Constructor R.D. Gatewood, U. S. Navy. One of my workmen the other day made this remark to me: "I've worked in 14 ...

Professional Notes

September 1911
AUSTRIA. The Austrian battleship Viribus Unitis was launched at Trieste on June 24. The vessel is 493 feet long and 91 feet beam, with a draft of 27 feet, the ...

Book Notices

September 1911
BOOK NOTICES. "Marine Engine Design." By Edward M. Bragg, S. B., Assistant Professor of Marine Engineering, University of Michigan. (Published by D. Van Nostrand & Co., New York. Price, $2.00.) ...

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