The U.S. Naval Academy Training

Lieutenant Logan Cresap
June 1911
The sentiment in the navy to-day, in regard to the Naval Academy, appears to be a constantly increasing demand for a higher development of the graduate. As the sphere of ...

Notes on the Over-Sea Transport of Men

Lieutenant Paul Foley
June 1911
Emergencies involving the over-sea transport of military or naval detachments arise more frequently by far than casual thought might suggest. In little under three years the routine of cruising duty ...

A Naval Ship's Bottom Paint

Naval Constructor Henry Williams
June 1911
Considering the two main factors of resistance, namely, Skin Resistance and Wave Resistance, experience shows that for large vessels of very low speed the Skin Resistance may approach 90 per ...

Sarrau's Velocity Formula

G. W. Patterson
June 1911
MODIFIED FOR SMOKELESS POWDER. The Sarrau binomial formula for velocity, appearing in the various publications on interior ballistics,is based on experimental data obtained, using black powder. It has not been ...

The Le Duc Velocity Formula

By Professor Philip R. Alger
June 1911
In connection with the modified Sarrau formulae proposed by Mr. Patterson in the preceding article, it may be interesting to consider another semi-empirical formula which has been in use in ...

Potency of Naval Biographies

Edgar Stanton Maclay
June 1911
History written exclusively from official records is about as interesting as a tree without foliage; and the mind that is conlined to merely professional reading must develop a corresponding curtailment ...

Simplified Elastic Strength of Guns

By Lieutenant H. T. Winston, U.S. Navy
June 1911
PREFACE. The object desired is to present to the beginner in simple language the underlying principles of the design of guns, so far as the elastic strength of the tubes ...

Discussion, Prize Essay

By Commander A. B. Hoff, U.S. Navy
June 1911
DISCUSSION. Prize Essay. (see No. 137.) Commander A.B. Hoff, U. S. Navy.—The point of view of the expert accountant on the absorbing and constantly developing subject of navy yard economy ...

Professional Notes

June 1911
AUSTRIA It has commonly been assumed that the first battleships of the Austro Hungarian Navy would bear the names of Kaiser Franz Josef and Tegetthoff. but up to the present ...

Book Notices

June 1911
BOOK NOTICES. "The Principles of Scientific Management." By Frederick Winslow Taylor, New York: Harper & Brothers, $1.50. One of the live topics of the times is scientific management as applied ...

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