Absence Over Leave In The Fleet

By W. F. Fullam
December 1911
ABSENCE OVER LEAVE IN THE FLEET By Captain W.F. Fullam, U.S. Navy Absence over leave is so prevalent today among enlisted men in the fleet as to seriously injure the ...

The Evolution Of Lead-Lined Piping On Shipboard.

By Naval Constructor R. D. Gatewood, G. S. Navy
December 1911
THE EVOLUTION OF LEAD-LINED PIPING ON SHIPBOARD. By Naval Constructor R.D. Gatewood, U. S. Navy. There is probably nothing on a modern man-of-war that causes as much constant trouble both ...

Personnel Legislation

By Lieut.-Commander J. H. Tomb, U.S. Navy
December 1911
It is safe to say that there are as many ideas in the navy relative to what the service requires in personnel legislation as there are officers and men in ...

Message Signalling In The Fleet

By Lieut.-Commander Richard Drace White, Late Fleet Signal Officer, Atlantic Fleet
December 1911
MESSAGE SIGNALLING IN THE FLEET. By Lieut.-Commander Richard Drace White, Late Fleet Signal Officer, Atlantic Fleet. The question of signalling sometimes reminds me of Mark Twain's remark about the weather. ...

The Destruction Of The Liberte

By Lieut.-Commander Ralph Earle, U. S. Navy.
December 1911
THE DESTRUCTION OF THE LIBERTE. By Lieut.-Commander Ralph Earle, U.S. Navy The battleship Liberte, 14,868 tons displacement, forming one of the units of the second battleship squadron under the command ...

Cheaper Paint For The Navy

By Naval Constructor Henry Williams, U. S. Navy
December 1911
CHEAPER PAINT FOR THE NAVY. By Naval Constructor Henry Williams, U. S. Navy. "Everywhere the paint and shellac was of excessive thickness, in places being more than one quarter of ...

The Fundamentals of Naval Tactics

By Lieutenant Romeo Bernotti, Italian Navy; Translated by Lieutenant H.P. McIntosh, U.S. Navy (Retired)
December 1911
PART II. MANEUVERING. CHAPTER I. IDEAS ON NAVAL KINEMATICS. 29. Preliminaries.—The motive that induces us to cite a few fundamental ideas on naval kinematics must not be sought for in ...

Flag Officers In The United States Navy

By Rear-Admiral A. C. Dillingham, U.S. Navy
December 1911
Flag Officers in the United States Navy. By Rear-Admiral A.C. Dillingham, U. S. Navy. In looking over the Navy Register (1911) it will be found that with the rear-admirals now ...

Latest Development In Condensing Systems

By Lieutenant (J.G.) J.B. Howell, U.S. Navy
December 1911
LATEST DEVELOPMENT IN CONDENSING SYSTEMS. By Lieutenant (J.G.) J.B. Howell, U. S. Navy, Student Officer, School Marine Engineering. If a condenser contained steam and no air, the vacuum would be ...

Discusion, Absence Over Leave In The Fleet

Captain John G. Quinby, U.S. Navy
December 1911
Discussion: Absence Over Leave in the Fleet. Captain John G. Quinby, U.S. Navy.—The undersigned has read over with great interest the paper of Captain Fullam on the subject "Absence Over ...

Professional Notes

Prepared By Lieut.-Commander W. B. Wells, U.S. Navy
December 1911
PROFESSIONAL NOTES. Prepared by Lieut.-Commander W.B. Wells, U.S. Navy SHIPS OF WAR, BUDGETS AND PERSONNEL. ARGENTINE REPUBLIC. Moreno Launched for Argentine Navy.—The Argentine battleship Moreno, planned to be one of ...

Book Notices

December 1911
BOOK NOTICES. "Submarines of the World's Navies." By Charles W. Domville-Fife Published by J. B. Lippincott Company, Washington Square, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The author ably outlines in his preface to this ...

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