Proceedings Magazine - 1911 Vol. 37/3/139

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Motto: "Sleepers, Wake."




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  • Naval Power
    Rear-Admiral Bradley A. Fiske

    Motto: "Sleepers, Wake."


  • A Filing System for Naval Vessels
    By Lieut. Paul Foley, U.S. Navy

    EDITOR'S NOTE.—This paper has been examined by the specialists of one of the leading filing firms in the United States, and the systems described pronounced by them to be in accord with the most advanced commercial practice.

  • On the Relations Between the U.S. Naval War College and the Line Officers of the U.S. Navy
    Rear-Admiral S. B. Luce

    Note.—The annual Naval and Military Conference was opened at the Naval War College, Newport, R.I., on June 2d, by the Secretary of the Navy, the Hon. G. v. L. Meyer.


    Mr. Meyer's address was a clear statement of his...

  • A Review of Japanese Naval Financial Policy
    Commodore W. H. Beehler

    The Period Before 1868


    Commodore Perry's landing on July 14, 1853, convinced the Japanese that foreign demands could only be resisted by a navy. In 1854 the Shogun government decided to procure war-ships...

  • Recollections of the China War of 1860
    Captain Arthur C. Hansard

    It is perhaps seldom remembered by the present generation that the occasion when Field Marshal Count Waldersee led a combined force to the relief of the embassies and consulates was not the only instance when British sentinels had done duty on...

  • Some Notes on the Training of Marines for Advance Base Work
    Major Henry C. Davis

    It must become apparent to officers of the Marine Corps, as time goes on, that their function as a part of the Naval Service is becoming more and more clearly defined.


    That function is to have at the disposal of the Navy...

  • The Sperry Gyroscopic Compass for Naval Vessels
    Lieut.-Commander H. C. Dinger

    For many years the problem of obtaining a satisfactory compass for naval vessels, especially for use as battle compass, has been one beset with all manner of difficulties. In order to avoid errors caused by masses of iron and steel about the...

  • Future Development of the New York Navy Yard
    Naval Constructor W. G. Groesbeck and Civil Engineer F. R. Harris


  • A New Method of Teaching Swimming, with a Few Hints on Rescuing the Drowning
    Midshipman Fitzhugh Green

    I think that my first ambition was to become an expert swimmer. My ideal was the gold-fish that cruised about in his glass-bounded sea. I have not quite realized that dream, but what success I have had I owe to a burly life-guard whose livid skin...

  • On Weddle's Rule, and Some New Approximate Formulæ for Areas
    By W. Woolsey Johnson

    1. In a paper, published in these PROCEEDINGS, Vol. 35, p. 759, I presented some tests of Simpson's Rules and other cases of Cotes's Rules for approximate areas, together with the rule which was introduced by Thomas Weddle, as a...

  • The Fundamentals of Naval Tactics
    By Lieutenant Romeo Bernotti, Italian Navy; Translated by Lieutenant H.P. McIntosh, U.S. Navy (Retired)


  • American Privateers at Dunkerque
    Henri Malo



  • History of Engineering Competitions in the Navy
    Lieut.-Commander E. C. Kalbfus

    It is probable that two naval vessels never made a voyage in company without their coal consumption becoming a topic of conversation and a basis for comparison. Except in cases where the discrepancy was so great as to lead to an official...

  • A Note on Salvo Dispersion
    By Ensign Garret Schuler, U.S. Navy

    As modern long-range salvo firing is of such comparatively recent origin, it is not surprising to find that in treatises on the accuracy and probability of gun-fire there is little or no mention of the now important questions of the effects of...

  • When Plotting Three Bearings and They Fail to Cross in a Point
    Commander G. H. Burrage

    There is a very general idea that when plotting three bearings and they fail to cross in a point, that the probable position is the middle of the triangle so formed, and that an error in one bearing has probably been made.



  • Some Considerations Affecting the Navy Personnel
    Captain Roy C. Smith

    There seem to be several shades of service opinion in regard to personnel measures, varying from indifference, if not opposition, to passive sympathy, and finally to active support. This is not unnatural. We are all anxious for the good of the...

  • Checking-In With Special Reference To Ship Yards
    By Asst. Naval Constructor R.D. Gatewood, U.S. Navy



    By Asst. Naval Constructor R.D. Gatewood, U. S....

  • Discussion, The U.S. Naval Academy Training

    Lieut.-Commander W.T. Cluverius, U. S. N.—I must take exception to the form of question epitomized in this paper: "Is the present system at the Naval Academy the best one for achieving the purpose for which the government maintains it...

  • Professional Notes



  • Book Notices



    "Marine Engine Design." By Edward M. Bragg, S. B., Assistant Professor of Marine Engineering...


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